Tuesday, August 30, 2016

7 Steps For Getting Paid Traffic to Work (for Client Businesses)


Imagine logging into your laptop, opening gmail and scanning the first few messages.

We have a deal, invoice me.”

“Almost ready to get started…”

“Hey you have time today? We’re ready to pull the trigger.”


Lots of them…

Your pipeline is full. Money is coming in – but most of all, it’s money you’ve actually earned.

Not some cheap ‘internet marketing’ scam. You’re providing great results, a great services, and people want in.

This has been a reality for us at Traffic And Funnels… in large part, due to our paid traffic system.

It’s quite different than what others are teaching, but that’s because we specifically designed it for getting clients.

Here are 7 quick strategies you can use to ensure your paid marketing actually pulls a decent return if you work with clients.

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Let’s dive right in.

1. Know your market BEFORE building your funnel

You can’t get around this. Gotta know your market.

And when I say “know” I mean deeply. You see a lot of this “marketing avatar” stuff where they name their prospects and, I think that’s kind of weird…

This is simple stuff, but it’s hard work.

Know what makes your clients frustrated. Know what they’re looking for (not just on the surface but what they really are after).

If your funnel is a well-crafted solution to the problems your market is facing then it will work very well.

2.  Meet your market in the right place

Of course I’m not talking geographically. I’m talking about emotionally, mentally.

The #1 goal of all advertising should be this:

Talk to your market the right way, at the right time.

It starts with decided which platform you’re going to use. We love webinars. We also use a checklist…

But the medium doesn’t matter as much as the message. Just pick one and stick with it long enough until it works.

Then when you’re crafting your ads and your emails, make sure you stay “on language” – meet them where they are, talk to them the right way…

3. Make people “buy in” before they buy

Most advertisers are focused on making it as easy as possible for people to “opt in.”

We’re absolutely the opposite.

To get into our main funnel requires a time investment.

The more time someone spends with you the better qualified they are and, chances are, the more they’re dealing with the problems you can solve.

An automated webinar or video series will do the trick. That’s because people can’t just ‘opt in’ and immediately take action on anything.

They have to invest some time and that gives people a chance to buy into you before they actually get the opportunity to buy anything.

4. Ruthlessly filter and “qualify” your leads

Look, the point isn’t to get cheap leads.

The goal is getting qualified leads.

Some people have really great lead costs but their funnels don’t work because they aren’t grooming & educating people to become clients.

Our entire metrics system barely monitors lead cost.

We glance at the lead cost once every other day or so, but the main number we are ALWAYS focused on is lead ROI.

How much did we pay? How much came back in?

That’s all that matters.

Most of the industry probably has better lead costs than we do, but few (if any) have higher ROI.

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The best way, in our opinion, to effectively filter through leads is by making them apply to work with you.

Creating an application process will not only let you guard your time and filter for lead quality, it’ll also create an environment of “demand” around you and your services.

The easier it is to get to you, the lower the value of what you do (at least, this is the way your prospects are thinking).

Make them apply. Thank me later.

5. Respect people’s time

This ties into #4.

First, be sure you understand that talking with as many people as possible is not good for you and it’s not good for your clients.

The goal of this funnel should be to protect your time, create consistency in your business, and make your life a whole lot more efficient.

That’s why it’s very important to cancel and turn away requests & applications that miss the mark.

If you know your services cost $10,000, and someone comes through and says their budget is $500 – there is a good chance you’re not going to be a good fit for that person.

Cancel it.

Here’s the most tactful way we’ve found to do this:

“Hi Name,

Thanks for your application! I’m reviewing it now, and to be honest I’m kind of on the fence.

Working with us requires an investment of $X – $x – which is obviously worth it but it’s a bit out of the ballpark you listed on your application.

If we talk and it’s a good fit, is this something that’s going to work for you?




And that way you’re not burning down bridges.

A lot of people will thank you for saving their time and maybe circle back around later when it’s a better fit.

6. Get a mentor

Okay I’ll make this one quick because I know everybody “already knows” this.

Crazy, too… since most people aren’t implementing it.

We spend SO much money in coaching and mentorship. Hey, it’s largely why (at least this is my opinion) we’ve been able to come out of the gate, in our first year of business, and clear well over a million dollars (USD) in sales.

That’s not normal.

And it’s not because we’re super-geniuses either.

We just know we’d make every mistake in the book and would rather pay someone else and learn from their mistakes instead…

7. Test

Your image. Headline. Body copy. Offer. Budget. Targets. CTAs.

Test it – all the time.

We’re testing stuff constantly and most of the time it doesn’t work. But every 1 in 10 will be a knockout.

And we’ll reconfigure all of our ‘controls’ to the new winner. Then try and beat it again.

If you’re not testing, you’re leaving a serious pile of cash on the table each month.

Part of the value (going back to #6) in having a mentor is actually accelerating this testing period.

Most times, the people ahead of you have tested many variations and can quickly point you towards the winners – saving you time and money.

That’s all for today.

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