Wednesday, November 30, 2016

When the bottom drops out (my first client)

A while back on a Facebook live video, somebody asked me about my FIRST client. I didn't have time to talk about it during that call, but I will in this post 🙂

My first marketing attempt to grow my copywriting business was very rocky.

I posted in a Facebook group for entrepreneurs saying I'd “re-write their current sales pages and make it better blah blah blah.” You can listen to my full breakdown of this story here when I was interviewed by Kevin Rogers of CopyChief.

Anyways. I wrote this promotional post, and it went viral… In the WORST way possible.

I posted it originally while I was at my day job, and when I logged back in 30 minutes later, it had over 20 comments.

Copywriters and business owners saying things like:

“Worst promotion from a copywriter I've ever seen.”
“Dude you should hire a copywriter to write your offer next time.”
“This is super confusing because you say you're a copywriter but nobody here understands what you're even offering.”

It was brutal.

I left and went home, but as soon as I walked in the door my wife could tell something was seriously wrong with me. I remember feeling like such an imposter…

And I didn't want to talk to her about it. So I just ate dinner and went to bed.

The next morning when I woke up, someone had messaged me from that group post asking to talk.

My emotions went from crushing defeat to HOPE. Lol…

I got on the phone with them, and we had a chat, and I actually MADE A SALE. (It's embarrassing how cheap I was back then but man, my first sale, I was on cloud 9). It's also embarassing that I had no clue how to even take his payment, he had to walk me through that on the phone as well lol.

Now here's the crazy part and here's where my story started to look very different from everyone else around me at that time.

Shortly after that first client, I hired my first coach.

Not just any newbie coach. This was someone I'd followed for a while and he was ridiculously expensive (especially for me at the time)…

Now get this. I remember the name of almost every person who wrote comments on that original post where I got beat up and made fun of.

It was hurtful and a lot of the names sort of just “imprinted” onto my brain. Not in a vindictive or judgmental way, I just tend to remember pivotal moments and that was definitely a pivotal moment for me…

I didn't have the stamina or the “thick skin” that I do now. It really bothered me and I lived in fear for a while after that, afraid to put myself out there (glad I've finally gotten WAY over that 😉

But the crazy thing is that now, just a few short years later, AT LEAST 4 of the people who commented on that original post have booked strategy sessions with us to get help. Their business is struggling, or they just see what we're doing and want to learn from us.

And hey, I think it's great…

But it's ironic that all those people have been in business longer than I have, they've put in more time than I have… but their results are nothing like mine.

The BIGGEST positive impacts in my business have been directly correlated to the investments I've made into mentors, coaching, and information that has empowered us to grow.

And that's one of the main reasons, I believe, that my path looks different. I've been willing to invest & risk my money, in exchange for borrowing somebody else's experience (time) and accelerating results.

That's what this is all about.

You're business, your income, the quality of your life – is all a reflection of the quality of your choices…

And that's what I'm sending you this email to ask you to consider: could you benefit from a shortcut in your business?

If we can help you custom install a strategy to bring in an extra 30K or 50K a month for your business – on semi-autopilot – is that really something you wanna pass up?


I don't really have anything else to say other than let you know this is one the last chances you'll have in 2016 to get on the phone with me and my team to build out the structure for your business to grow to 100K/mo+ quickly.

Our systems and methods are simple. We've proven it in over 18 different industries and our clients are some of the highest regarded experts in their respective industries.

I'll let you make that call about whether now's the right time for you or not.

Let us know if you'd like to see. We're always in your corner!

Co-Founder, Traffic And Funnels

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