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In every situation, you’re bound to have winners and losers. Business is no exception.

9 out of 10 startup Entrepreneurs will fail to gain traction, forcing them to shut the doors to their business. You want to make sure you’re part of the few who survive and thrive.

Tune in to learn about the two devils that will ever keep you from getting to the next level in business. Master them and you’ll be handed the superpower to weather out any storm and adapt to any situation like a ‘friggin Tsnumai.’

Some Highlights from this Episode:

– How to succeed and upgrade your life (4:40)

– The main reason people think they are stuck (7:15)

– A tried and true recipe for a lifetime of stress and frustration (9:10)

– How to know when it’s time to hire your first employee (12:20)

– The real reason you’re hanging around with mediocre people (18:30)

– How to out-smart self-sabotage and engineer your subconscious mind to get what you want (23:00)

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