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2 (short) updates & a video…

By April 5, 2017 Uncategorized


Two things (short post).

1) First, the deadline to get the first ‘memo' is 12p CST today. If you haven't already, check out the video I made you below to get an idea of what these are and why they're awesome…

(Someone asked if the background noise was intentional… um, no, lol. It was not. We just needed to get the dang video done, money loves speed)

2) Second, we just opened up some room for new clients. That doesn't mean we'll take you as a client (we are a little extreme about only working with people we can actually help… geez, seems like simple ‘good business' but trust me, it ain't).


If you want help blowing up your client business, go here, grab a complimentary strategy session spot on the calendar and then, IF we can ROI you quickly and help you grow to hit your goals (using our system), we'll talk shop… if not, you'll get some great ideas and then move on with your life ;)

Here's the link again.

(And don't forget the memo, get on the list before noon today if you feel so inclined)