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People love to talk about the price they’ve paid for things. It is so much easier to see the value in the cost of material things, but what about value found in the price we pay for advancement? Pain and failure is the cost we pay to gain higher levels of success and wealth. But too many people get through the pain, building equity along the way, and walk away before they ever cash in.

In this episode, Taylor teaches how to cash in on the equity accrued through pain and failure. Learn the right lessons and find the value that lies pain. Life is hard for everyone. How are you going to leverage it to work for you?

Some highlights from this episode:

  • What is equity? (0:43)
  • Your equity is proportionate to your failure (3:45)
  • The buildup to success (6:30)
  • Problems are the trade for advancement (12:17)
  • Learning the wrong lesson in our pain (14:35)
  • Three things that determine my view of equity and hardship (15:46)