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You’ve probably heard the saying “how you do one thing is how you do everything,” which is at once inspiring and a little bit daunting. But it’s so true. All of the little decisions we make every single day are adding up. They hold the key to empower us, limit us, or even be the cause of our destruction.

In this episode, Taylor shares ten points of optimization, laying out the main areas you should focus on to find consistency, health, and new levels of success in your life and business.

Some highlights from this show: 

    • Clothes and Trinkets – What you wear matters and how to use trinkets to help you out of a slump (1:00)
    • Routine – Maintaining consistency through routine (1:56)
    • Food – How to use food to your advantage (2:45)
    • Sleep – The most essential component for optimization (3:12)
    • Mental Inputs – How to stay inspired (4:00)
    • Connection – Staying connected to self (5:12)
    • Environment – How to manufacture your environment for success (5:50)
    • People – Finding the right people to push your towards your goals (7:20)
    • Miscellaneous (8:21)

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