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It doesn’t take a genius to tell you that sales is the heartbeat of any thriving business. When it seems everyone is selling something, how do we stand out?

In this episode, Payton Welch, our Sr. Advisor and master of sales, shares how he got his start at Traffic and Funnels, the most important key to making sales, and spills the beans on some exclusive T&F sales tactics. Curious? The guy who has made over $7MM for T&F probably has a few things to teach you.

Some highlights from this show: 

  • How Payton got started at Traffic & Funnels (2:00)
  • The ultimate key to sales (5:08)
  • How Payton’s life has changed since coming to T&F (7:10)
  • EXCLUSIVE – T&F’S 3 Pillars of Sales (8:23)
  • The importance of empathy as a salesperson (22:00)
  • The real results from T&F (30:00)

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