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If you are chasing your full potential, you will offend the people around you who are not chasing theirs. In our quest to be the best, we’ve had to make some really hard decisions when it comes to relationships.

In this episode, Chris and Taylor teach about relationship audits. Learn how to know if it’s time for you to do a relationship audit, and all of the steps to safeguard yourself against the people who will hold you back from growth.

What is in this episode: 

  • Why you must audit the relationships in your life (3:40)
  • The hardest relationship to separate from (7:44)
  • The first step in a relationship audit (10:31)
  • The easiest way to decide if a relationship is right for this season (13:55)
  • How to filter advice and find wise counsel (16:12)
  • Relationships are like trees (18:44)

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