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There are 3 keys to creating the perfect offer that takes a little time and thought to get right.

Everyone who has a skill or expertise that they currently sell to solve a problem for another person has the opportunity to create the perfect offer.

…which has the potential to earn a lot of money (and also provide a lot of value.)

Your offer is the way you package the result you give to your clients using your expertise. 

Every offer must be specific about:

  • WHO you serve

  • WHAT you do for them

  • & HOW you do it.

By the end of this article, you will know how to create your own perfect offer that will practically sell itself..

Offer Foundations:

  • Charging less than you deserve leads to burnout and decay – because you run out of time to optimize the “How” you do it.

  • Right now there are about 3 billion people with the internet and guaranteed millions of people in your realm of “expertise” who need you, but your offers are not set up to hook them.

  • The right offer, at the right time, at the right price, can solve almost all of anybody’s problems in life, business, relationships, health, etcetera (do the work here today, it’s meaningful, profitable, and LONG lasting)

Designing Offer Economics:

One of the most common revelations our clients have after we share our 3 keys to creating the perfect offer is realizing how much they are undercharging for what they are offering. 

They end up doing so much work for their client, that when all was said and done, they make less money per hour than working a minimum wage job.

These are the components that allow you to charge more for your offer. 

  • Size of the problem:

    You can’t solve little problems and charge big fees. You must solve big problems in order to charge big fees.

  • Time the prospect has been experiencing the problem:

    Market to people who have been experiencing a problem for a while.

    People who have only experienced a problem for 30 seconds won’t be willing to pay much for your solution.

  • Sophistication of the problem:

    Picture a problem like mowing your grass. (There are thousands of people who can mow your grass.) Vs. How many people can do surgery on your brain.

    The sophistication of a problem is inversely correlated with the amount of people who can compete with your offer to solve the same thing. 

Low sophistication = lots of people can do it, meaning lower price.

High sophistication = less people can do it, meaning higher price.

  • Degree of certainty with which you can solve the problem:

    If I’m 20% certain I can solve your problem, that’s going to be a different payday than If I’m 100% certain I can solve your problem.

    If you’re so certain you can solve the problem, why do you charge so low for it?

    Low prices signal to the market that you aren’t certain. We’ve had clients go from charging $200 for their services to over $6,500 (and they ended up with more clients than before.)

    Note* This only happened because they made the necessary changes to their offer to justify the price increase.

  • SPEED at which you can solve the problem:

    If you can solve something in a week for someone, you can charge more than if you were able to solve it in 10 weeks.

    The freelancing business model is broken because of this: The faster you get the less money you make if you charge per hour.

Ready To See A Perfect Offer?

  • The problem is painful

  • They’ve been trying to solve it for a while

  • Results are virtually guaranteed (very high certainty)

  • Results happen QUICKLY (as opposed to a long, drawn out solution)

  • Fee is split up into the results (aka $10k now, $10k later after _____)

This = Your irresistible offer that almost no one can say no to.

Know This: Your Offer Will Change Over Time

If you’re like me, or the client’s we’ve worked with, your offer will undergo a process of changes over time.

This is normal and good. It means you’re becoming more specific with your offer and your market.

Let me show you what I mean using the image below. 

The bottom left side is where the early version of most peoples’ offers start.

Offers here serve the largest market with the least specificity, and earn you the least amount of money.

The top right is where we teach our clients how to end up at.

Offers here serve the smallest, most targeted market. Offers serving here earn you the most money.

Left line = WHAT are you doing for people?

  • At the bottom of this line is a “low sophistication” problem. (Ex: Mowing the grass. The higher you go, the more sophisticated the problem.)

Bottom line = WHO are you doing it for?

  • The more advanced someone’s problem is, the further along the right they go.

The goal over the course of your business is to evolve up to the top right.

Don’t undercharge by serving the wrong “who”, doing the wrong “what”, and therefore end up not making enough money, meaning you never have enough time to optimize your “how.”

By the way, I go much deeper and teach you step-by-step how to put together a high-ticket offer inside our “Packaging Blueprint premium training.”

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How My Own Offer As A Freelance Copywriter Changed Over Time:

I started in the entrepreneurial world as a typical freelancer writing copy for ANYONE who would pay me.

I had no industry or niche selected.

Over time, I started getting more specific. I started writing just for infusionsoft users.

I then started restricting which clients I would work with based on their income and goals.

All along the way, my offer evolved. I eventually went from writing copy for anyone to writing copy for only a specific type of person.

Over time, I pivoted to a consulting offer, as it was more profitable and had greater ability to scale.

Now, I’m a multi-millionaire, built on the back of my consulting offer.

This is the healthy evolution of a client-based business.

Don’t get stuck believing you have to choose once and for all what you are going to offer to the market. 

How Changing My Offer To A Consulting Model Led Me To Become A Business Owner:

As a freelancer I was also working for a real estate company and freelancing on the side.

The change in my offer to a consulting model took my small $2,000/mo freelance career from struggling…

To 6-figures. Then to 7-figures.

Then to 8-figures with offices, real estate, teams of people, and a ​legitimate movement​ of experts all over the world.

From my vantage point today, having ownership in 4 different companies with revenues over $25m a year — I can tell you that everything changed for me when I started to grasp and implement these concepts.

  • A freelancer:

    has the best job in the world… but still a job. Tied to the clock. Up & down income due to up & down energy. Mainly struggles with lack of control & consistency in schedule, income, etc.

  • A business owner:

    ​not a job, but a calling & a mission. Earns the same whether working or not working; typically in the millions (if done correctly). Enjoys consistency & ​control of time, money, etc.

The Point:

Over time after implementing these 3 keys to creating the perfect offer, you should end up solving bigger problems and getting paid more for it, while having to do less “new work.”

In order to achieve this, you have to be willing to shift what you are doing to match the problems the market has, while continuing to solve the problems that you enjoy solving.

As you change the WHO you serve, the WHAT you offer will naturally change with it – but you have to always remember to be optimizing the HOW you deliver results…

Pro Tip:

The best way to know what offer your market wants is to get on the phone and ask them.
(Or you can ask using your organic posts.)

Create Your High-Ticket Offer Now

Learn how to structure and sell your first High-Ticket Offer and start earning more today with our premium training The Packaging Blueprint.

I Want To Package And Sell My Offer!

The “WHO & WHAT” of your Offer:

Ask yourself these questions to come up with the “who” and “what” of your offer:

  • Who do I enjoy serving so much that I would do it for free if I had to?

  • What are the problems they talk about the most?

  • What are the things they struggle with that they don’t want people to know about?

  • How long have they been struggling with this?

Your pricing will be based on the length they have been trying to solve it + the pain associated with every day that they live without a solution.

The “HOW” of Your Offer:

How you deliver results influences how much you can charge. Pricing is based on the SPEED at which results show up and the certainty of those results (i.e. your “percentage of success”) Here’s how to optimize your “how.”

  • How can I solve the problem as quickly as possible?

  • What processes / systems can I use so that my results are almost guaranteed? 

  • If I step out of the picture, what things can I put in place NOW so that results are not compromised even if I’m not around?

Mastering these 3 keys to creating the perfect offer will help you go from underpaid, overworked, under-recognized, to in control, increasing income, decreasing stress, creating abundance and opportunity in your life.

Remember, I go much deeper and teach you here step-by-step how to put together a high-ticket offer inside our “Packaging Blueprint premium training.”

In your service,
– T

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Create Your High-Ticket Offer Now

Learn how to structure and sell your first High-Ticket Offer and start earning more today with our premium training The Packaging Blueprint.

I Want To Package And Sell My Offer!