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This article is for people who have found it difficult to transition from talking to someone on messenger and then getting them onto the phone.

I’m writing this because I've had a lot of conversations with people who are doing organic marketing but they’re having a hard time getting strategy sessions from it.

The goal of your messenger conversations is to get prospective clients on the phone so that you can do business with them. 

Assuming you are already pulling in a flood of messenger conversations using “2-steps” and doing organic on facebook to get clients, the 3-step framework looks like this:

Here is the 3 Step Framework

  • Hook
  • Diagnose
  • Call

The first thing is, you're probably just making things a little weird or awkward, right? 

And you’re likely not approaching this with the right frame. So the first thing that we should pay attention to is, you need to have the right frame.

You are essentially a nurse, right? Your job is diagnosing someone's situation. 

And that's established at the very beginning of your messenger conversation. Even if someone is brand new to you, they interacted with your posts, they commented on it. 

They reached out to you because something you said struck a cord, right? 

So instead of trying to build a bunch of rapport, I keep that normally pretty short and then just dive right into the “meat and potatoes.” 

You’re coming at this like a nurse.

“Hey, I saw that you commented on my post! I wanted to reach out and ask what interested you in it?

If you have a lead magnet you're sending out, maybe they're interested in that as well. 

1. Hook them in

The first thing you want to do is hook them in by providing them with some piece of advice. 

For those of you that have a lead magnet, don't send your lead magnet immediately to people.

I've tested this with a lot of people. 

The first thing I do is hook them in with a piece of advice. 

And if you have a lead magnet, you can say something along the lines of,

“I want to send this over. This piece of content is going to be really helpful for you. But before I do, do you mind if I ask some questions about your business? And then I can also see if maybe there's some other things I can send over your way.”

So you're coming at it from a customer service frame. 

2. Diagnose their situation

The second thing you want to do is you want to diagnose their situation 

And don't act super friendly on this.

Think if you go to a nurse. They're not there to be your best friend. They're asking “Okay. So where's the pain hurt? How long has it hurt? Etc.

I've been on the sales team for almost two years here. 

The questions we ask here are:

  • What is your offer?
  • How is the price structure?
  • What are your current revenues right now?
  • What is your revenue goal? 

Where are they at and where are they trying to go? That's it. 

So the first thing you're hooking them in by saying, Hey, can I ask you permission? Can I ask some questions? I want to make sure this is a valuable conversation.

Then, secondly you diagnosing their problem.

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3. Transition to the Call

Then the third thing is actually very easy. Don’t make things weird. Simply transition to the call.

And on the call, offering advice or additional training. 

A lot of times, what I will do is after they've given me all of their information about their business and situation, I’ll say:

Cool! We have a lot of experience in getting businesses to hit their goals of 100K, 200K and 300K per month. I'd love to shed some light and give you some insight. Is it cool if I give you some advice?”

So you're always asking permission, you're also tying them down and making sure that's something that they are open to. 

And then after that all, literally once they agree, nine out of 10 times they’ll say “Yeah, sure. I would love to hear some advice.”

Cool. Do you mind if I give you a ring?”

So do you see how the conversation went straight from gathering data in messenger to “Do you mind if I give you a ring for five minutes, it's a lot easier than messaging back and forth.”

Personally. I'm not a huge fan of texting back and forth either. So I'll even tell people I'm not a huge fan of texting. 

I’ll say “do you mind if I give you a call for five, 10 minutes?”

Very low barrier to entry and I have a lot more control that way.

You are going to have more control once you actually get someone on the phone. 

Just don't make it weird. Keep it very simple. 

“Cool. Mind if I give you a ring? It takes five to 10 minutes.”

And then from there, provide value and give them some advice, but don't give everything away. 

For most of you starting out, it's going to be the easiest method to get calls from organic.

  1. Hook

  2. Diagnose

  3. Get them on the phone. 

I've talked with a lot of people that are just simply over-complicating this process. 

The faster you can get someone on the phone, the faster you can have more control and get them tied down to have an actual sales call with you. 

Hope this was helpful. You guys have a killer day!

-Jake Grant, Client Success Advisor at Traffic and Funnels

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