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The online space is full of wolves in sheep’s clothing who have no clue what they’re doing other than making tons of money ripping people off…

Here at Traffic and Funnels, we take hundreds of calls every week and, without fail, there are those people (even very smart people) that ask this same question…

“So… what do you offer?”

As in, what do we do that can help them…

Our answer to them on the phone?

“I don’t know… tell me what’s going on in your business?”

If you went to a doctor’s office, and they prescribe you meds without first finding out what was wrong with you – they’d be fired and (possibly) sued for professional malpractice.

It isn’t that much different with providing an important business service.

Truth is, I am very clear on what we “sell” (as well as what we don’t)… but the point is, you should always diagnose first before diving into solutions.

Sharing what “you do” with prospects without connecting it to something they desperately need FIRST is suicide.

Here are the 3 strategies to help you increase sales and grow your business

Start small, and work your way up.

1. Understand Sequential Selling

To create a truly powerful “model,” one that you can use to increase sales, make a lot of money service a lot of business, and grow your business without having to work 90 hours a week, you need to build a sequential model.

All that really means is this: start small, and work your way up.

Back to the doctor analogy:

If it can be solved with a $20 pill, don’t send them to surgery. We have a low ticket product that people rave about and is really helpful and way underpriced called the Facebook Ads Workshop.

It’s underpriced because we want it to be, it’s a low-commitment way for our clients to level up their facebook advertising skills without paying $1,000 to do it.

From there, you can go faster and higher with other products that we offer – each one insurmountably more helpful, and more awesome than the last.

All the way up to (extremely) expensive services that only a few qualify for. Make sense?

The lasting businesses care deeply about their customers and clients.

2. Always Look Out for the Client

The online space is full of wolves in sheep’s clothing who have no clue what they’re doing other than making tons of money ripping people off…

If you always have their back and best interest in mind, you will win the long game.

The lasting businesses care deeply about their customers and clients. Of course, there’s controversy around this… this is just what’s worked for us… seems people like it when you actually have their best interest in mind. Weird.

The last thing you want to do is increase sales and grow a business that you don’t want to be a part of.

Onto the last part of this 3-part strategy:

With great power, comes great responsibility.

3. Pain is a Greater Motivator than any Form of Pleasure.

There is a giant world of difference between paying money for the chance of a better future, and investing money to escape a painful present.

You need to be careful. Because in many cases, mastering this form of selling can be dangerous if used for personal gain or unethically.

As Ben Parker (Spiderman's Uncle) said:

With great power, comes great responsibility.

Anyways… Here's how to apply this strategy to increase your sales and ultimately grow your business.

Identify the Goal

When someone asks, for instance, “What do you guys charge to help me with Facebook ads?” (or sales, or marketing, or mindset, etc)

Our answer is (always): “I don't know. Why don't we talk about your business first, you might not even need Facebook ads. What are your goals?”

A few reasons for this… the first of which being, would you go into a doctor's office and ask them “Hey what's the price for some pain killers?”

No. You absolutely wouldn't.

It's the same in business. People come to you because they need something fixed and (most of the time) they don't know how or just don't want to fix it themselves.

Identify the chokeholds 

This is the diagnostic stage of the conversation. You've found the goal (and the pain associated with not achieving that goal). now you diagnose what's holding them back from achieving that goal.

Example: need more leads… spending too much on Facebook… want enough leads to sustain a $15,000 per month income… the chokehold might be that the lead magnet sucks and once we fix that, the goal becomes more attainable.

Communicate the cost of doing NOTHING

You've found the goal. Identified the chokeholds. Now, what happens if this doesn't get “fixed”?

That is the “anchor” you will use to sell your services – if you want to make decent money as a service provider (hey, it's up to you).

We’ve not only applied these principles here at Traffic and Funnels, but we’ve helped tens of thousands of business owners over the years fix these very problems in their business.

Maybe you have a specific problem right now that you just need a simple answer or training on how to grow – check out the Traffic and Funnels Product Directory for all of the tools and training we have available.

If you’re ready to take your consulting, coaching, service, soap-making, crime fighting business to the next level, apply to work with us and we’ll see if you’re a good fit.

P.S. Taylor recorded and INCREDIBLE role-play training with one of our Advisors a few weeks ago and we released it on this episode of the Traffic and Funnels Show – check it out!

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