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Ready to learn 6 Steps To Get High Ticket Clients from Paid Advertising?

That’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do in this article.

What’s up everybody? Chris Evans here.

This article builds on my previous advertising strategy article: Using Paid Advertising To Get Clients.

Give that one a read first if you haven't yet.

A Warning…

This checklist is loaded with information, but it was not designed as comprehensive “start to finish” material. 

It is a playbook we use internally, with every single private client who works with us, to create their Client Acquisition System.

You’ll get MUCH more out of this playbook if you follow along with our exclusive training presentation that goes with it.

The presentation has examples, stories, and a lot more detail that will help explain how all of these pieces fit together. 

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Play #1 – Solve the “One Problem” Framework

This applies to your offer, your funnel, every step of the process relies on knowing what the “one problem” is and accurately communicating it.

It’s almost cliche at this point, but so important: 

Know the main thing that keeps your clients up at night, and craft a message that will help them get clarity around that problem.

Too many people are trying to solve too many problems at the same time. 

It’s keeping their marketing “watered down” and less effective.

Jonathan Greene, Head Instructor at the elite media buying training program HemonX, had this to say: “Pain alignment to prospect is everything.  Figuring out the main pain point, learning to agitate it, and then relieve that pain with the product or service is the hallmark of an expert.”

Quick marketing “side note.” There are really only two sides to a great marketing strategy:



These two sides can be further broken down.

For instance, there are two main kinds of desire (pain and pleasure.)

There are also two main types of solution (labor and information). 

And on and on and on you can go…

The best and highest priced kind of offer will solve one problem, but it will mix together both pain-based and pleasure-based desire… and it will merge labor and information.

The narrower you get, the more likely this becomes.

Again, we constantly use the “brain surgeon” analogy (being a brain surgeon VS a general practitioner). 

A brain surgeon is solving a pain & pleasure oriented desire (to LIVE), and mixing a combination of information and labor…

For more examples on this, check out our article on 3 Keys To Creating A Perfect Offer.

Play #2 – Meet Your Market In The Right Place

This is commonly called a “message to market” match.

Once you nail down the “one problem” framework, the next step is to fully comprehend the words your market uses to describe the problem you’re solving.

The goal is not just to understand the market.

The real goal is to ensure your market understands that you understand them…

Your ad copy, video content, email copy, and every other marketing media should communicate the problem the way your clients are already communicating it.

The best way to do this is something we call “Hybrid Validation Model,” which is essentially an advanced survey technique used in combo with paid traffic. 

You want to hear your market describe the problem in their own words… and then mirror this language in your advertising. 

There are all sorts of ways to do this (simply studying your market and how they say things for starters)…

But the “Hybrid Validation” is one of the fastest ways, and we get into this model extensively with our private clients to make sure when they launch their advertising, it actually works.

Play #3 – Require a Time Investment from Opt-Ins

If you’re selling a $20 eBook, it’s okay to generate leads from a simple “Free Report.” 

There’s nothing wrong with reports, we use them…

But for our high-ticket lead generation, we require a time commitment. 

The reason is, you want to weed out people who aren’t serious about getting a solution. One way to do this is to get people to invest time with you right from the beginning.

Offer a high quality (and genuinely helpful) piece of content like a webinar or video series that actually requires people to hit PAUSE on life and invest into themselves for a bit.

The longer someone invests their time the more qualified they are going to be. 

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Play #4 Embed a “Velvet Rope” Next Step Opportunity

the 4th of my 6 steps to get high ticket clients from paid advertising is: Embed a “Velvet Rope” next step opportunity.

Remember, at this point the main goal (while still attracting leads) is to filter people out who aren’t going to be qualified to work with you.

End your content with an invitation to spend more time with you – but use an application philosophy. I cannot describe to you the shift that took place for our business when we moved to an application based marketing philosophy.

Structuring your call to action this way continues to weed out bad fits, and continues to qualify your “good fits.”

To see how we do this in real time, go here and watch our free training  (and hey, take us up on the offer to talk at the end if you’d like to know more!)

Play #5 – Monitor & Manage Your “4 KPI” System”

I want to give you a “high level” view at this before we get too deep.

Our system runs off four main KPIs (key performance indicators).

  • Registration (20%)
  • Consumption (50%) • Application (15%)
  • Enrollment (20%)

If you acquire a lead at 20% opt in (for $10 or less), and you can then get 50% consumption, 15% application, and 20% enrollment… you own a system capable of producing 7 figures per year without hiring a huge staff or killing yourself working 80 hours a week.

Here is what this “4 KPI” framework looks like: 

If you’re following this checklist, then your opt in and high value content will require a time investment.

And it will end with an invitation to “apply” to spend more time with you…

Let’s say you send 500 clicks to your optin, and 20% of them register.

Let’s follow along how your numbers will look:

  • 100 leads

  • 50 consume the content

  • 7-8 apply to work with you

  • 1-2 enroll as clients

A lot goes into this besides just throwing a system together and turning it on, that’s what we do with our clients from start to finish.

But… I can tell you that if you charge $3k or more for what you do, you will never run out of money (or clients) again with this system.

One hundred leads, at a $10 KPI will “cost” you about $1,000. 

Even if you signed one new client at $3,000, that’s a 3:1 return.

If you sign two clients, that’s a 6:1.

At an average ticket price of $4,800 and an average enrollment percentage of over 30%, you can see why our clients are crushing! 

Play #6 – Only Connect w/ the “Cream of the Crop”

Once people start applying, you can connect via Skype or phone, but only connect with those who are going to be great fits for what you do.

Nobody wants to spend all day speaking with people who:

a) don’t have any money
b) aren’t serious about getting help
c) are just plain losers!

It’s important that you guard your time and speak with people who actually need it.

Honestly, by the time we speak to people, they’ve been thoroughly vetted, filtered through, and enrollment is truly in their best interest.

Sometimes an application will slip through and it’s not a good fit or in their best interest.

When that happens, you just need to be clear and not try to take someone’s money who you can’t help. 

It’s better to tell someone “No” than to take a client who isn’t a good fit

What’s Next?

These are 6 steps to get high ticket clients from paid advertising that we’ve used to create 2 millionaire students and over a dozen 6-figure consulting businesses (from scratch) over the last 6 months.

It’s our wish that this checklist will equip you to go out and get control over your acquisition process. 

Once you start, you will never go back.

This framework takes all of the guesswork out of enrolling clients, and generating client-based revenue for your business.

If you’d like to speak with us about customizing this checklist and strategy into your business, we’d love to talk to you.

There is never any pressure on any of our strategy calls. Our goal is to figure out where you need help, and point you in the right direction…

If you’d like to set up a marketing session with us, click the button below to do that: 

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We'll help you drill down on the vital few things you must get right to grow to $100k/mo+ quickly.

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Peace, Fam,

-Papa Chris Evans