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800lb man orders pizza and gets kicked out of the hospital

By October 9, 2015 General Marketing

If you’re one to read the news, you may've seen this one (caution, user-discretion is advised)…

The gist is, dude is admitted to hospital because he weighs 800 pounds… (that’s a problem)

He's making progress (loses over 20lbs while under the hospital's care)…

But then he breaks the rules by ordering a pizza because (quote) “…I am addicted to food…”

Well ain’t that somethin’ special.

Now he’s living in the back of his father’s SUV because the hospitable will no longer treat him…

Talk about the life.

Okay – what’s my point in telling you this story?

Well, besides being entertaining (sort of)…

This is the story of most entrepreneurs…

Chronically addicted to:

  • Buying more products
  • Consuming more information than you need
  • Spending time doing things that aren’t essential
  • Thinking the next big conference is going to make all the difference in your business
  • Blah blah blah

Truth is, you already likely know what needs to be done…

It’s implementing that’s the key (and keeping yourself laser focused on money-producing activities)…


My advice?

>>> 1. Get a strategic plan… one that you can focus on and implement day in & day out…

>>> 2. Then, forget everything else – go to town, once the money starts rolling in, you will email me and thank me profusely…

As the Kung Fu masters always say:

“A few basic moves done consistently is better than a lot of moves done sporadically.”

Or something like that..

P.S. Here’s how to get said strategic plan for your business:


These calls are free (for now), but they won’t be forever…

The smart will beckon forth and take action.

Talk soon…

Taylor Welch
Co-Founder, Traffic And Funnels

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