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“Attract” more clients? MAJOR B.S.

Logged into Facebook this morning, and my newsfeed is so crammed up with people wanting to show me how to “attract” clients I can barely scroll through them all…


Let’s tackle this right here right now.

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*I can say with 98% positivity that most problems related to not having enough clients, not hitting revenue goals, and not being happy with where your business is today… Has absolutely nothing to do with you needing to “attract” more clients. It's mostly OFFER & market. You can learn how we put together winning offers by clicking here.*

It just doesn’t make any sense.

It’s as if some people want you to believe you can just sit around and “believe” and “attract” and then all the sudden your dreams will show up in your life…

…You don’t hear doctors working with patients trying to “attract” a cure.

…No scientist I’ve ever heard of is sitting around trying to “attract” new discoveries.

So why would it be any different with building a steady, dependable, and fulfilling client business?

You don’t attract that. You create it…

The way WE generate demand for our business, enroll clients, produce wealth (etc) really comes down to SCIENCE and repeatable formulas.

Most of our clients ROI on their investment – often times multiplying their investment by 3, 5, even 10x – inside of 30 days with no paid advertising.

How? Doesn’t that sound crazy?

It IS – but it proves what I’m saying:

It’s usually structural – foundational – your offer isn’t complete, wrong messaging, can’t find your market, wrong sales scripts, etc…

And it is so simple: when you pull the right levers, you see the right results.

Stop buying Facebook ads courses and just listen to me for a second.

There are 4 – only 4 – KPIs we focus on in our business:

1. Optin / reg
2. Consumption
3. Application
4. Enrollment

Paid advertising only really affects one of those KPIs – and it’s not the most important.

It’s just the shiniest thing out there and so you’ve been trained to focus exclusively on that.

Do we help with paid advertising? Absolutely…

It’s definitely in our “bag of tricks,” but it’s usually an accelerant and it is definitely not foundational to making money and having a waiting list of clients – that stuff comes from ground level…

If you don’t believe me, check out this story we just got from Cherylanne, a client who has yet to turn on her paid ads and STILL 4x’d her client business in the past 30 days.

Guarantee you, the results our clients get from working with us – as consistent as you can get – that is not hype and it’s not random…

If you want to use this “science” in your business, check out the video and then if it makes sense, click the link on the page to set up a call with us.

Talk soon!
-T & C