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How many of you would like to sit down and play a game, chess poker, maybe let's say there's money involved and you were guaranteed to win. How many of you would play that game? Here's the beauty of advertising. The way that we advertise, using the strategy found in The Intelligent Advertiser, you can break the numbers and you can pretty much guarantee that you're going to make money in return. You're not going to lose money. It's amazing. Are you in a place where you are stranded with no certainty, having a ‘yo-yo business growth’, or maybe you don't know what's causing things to grow?

Maybe you don't know why you're not making the money or why you're not being experiencing the level of success you want? The Intelligent Advertiser will change your life and your financial position forever if you take to heart and deliberately and purposely implement it. The core content of today’s blog comes from a training Chris and Taylor did last year. We’re going to dig into two sections from The Intelligent Advertiser, the three building blocks of intelligent advertising, the 5×4 formula, and the 4 E’s which will help you get started.

Building Blocks of Intelligent Advertising

Advertising is one of the best skillsets to create control in your life and your business. The core building blocks of the intelligent advertiser can be distilled down into three buckets:1) Discovery of Need, 2) Earning Attention, 3) Conversion Tactics. Let’s dig into each of the building blocks in detail.

Block #1: Need

The first building block is need. We define need as the ability to find a hot and hungry market with a big problem that needs solving. The keyword here is ‘necessity’. This is crucial. It doesn't matter if you're selling a $7 product or a $7,000 product, the same foundational principles apply. Listen, I'm going to give you two steps.

Step number one: identify a problem you are passionate about solving.

If you're not passionate about the solution, you will constantly struggle to advertise profitably. I'm sure many of you, whether you've done an organic post or you've put money behind ads, when obstacles come, which they will, your passion is one of the things that's going to get you through.

Step number two: position your solution as the best available option to solve that problem.

I learned this the hard way I had an offer that I created that the market did not give a crap about. So I missed these major fundamental keys, right? I spent months on the presentation of this product. I made it look beautiful and I didn't take the time to invest in discovering what the markets need their necessity was. So when I launched it, literally spending months, a lot of money, a lot of time, it completely bombed.  The market didn't have a necessity. They didn't have a hunger for my “solution” and it just failed. It bombed, it was terrible, and it was embarrassing.


Here's the deal. The more passionate you are and the more painful the problem is, the more money your advertising campaigns will make. You'll discover the pull of momentum versus the push to get momentum. You will not last if you don't have a passion for what you're doing. This goes for your clients as well. So if you are working with clients and if they don't have this, then they will fail. No matter how good you are, your clients have to have this as well. So passion contributes to confidence. And again, it doesn't matter if it's a $7 product, a $7,000, or a $70,000 product, your passion contributes to confidence and prospects will always rely on your confidence to buy. 

Building block #2: Attention

Attention is the ability to attract a market with the problems that you can solve. Attention is the most underrated form of currency, probably on the entire planet. Today many people underrate the power of getting the attention of your market. I believe there are three primary mistakes, that people make when getting the attention of their market. The mistakes are 1) they don't show up at all 2) they show up inconsistently and 3) they show up the wrong way

Here's the deal. Nobody cares about you. When it just comes down to it, they care about getting their problems fixed. So talk about them. Talk about their problems. You don't deserve their attention. You have to earn their attention. That's the key. Okay?. You have to consistently show up and invest in your marketing. Becoming a successful and profitable advertiser is a process of building the muscle. We call this the 5×4 formula. It's amazing. The number of people who are frozen because their brain overcomplicates the process of getting attention. Use the following list as a way to breakdown how you are going to leverage your influence and your advertising to gain attention. 

  1. List out five problems your market is currently facing. 
  2. Five demonstrations of proof. 
  3. I want you to invest at least $5 a day in ad spend
  4. I want you to post five times a week.

Building block #3 Conversion Tactics

Number 3: convert, convert, convert your people. Taking the attention of the people who need what you can do for them and create a return on attention by collecting money. The foundations are really what we've just covered, right? You've got a crowd with necessity, a problem. You get their attention by the stuff that I'm showing you. Now let's jump into a few tactics. 

TOFU(Top of funnel) is about attracting your market by leveraging the 4 E’s: be exciting, be entertaining, be energetic, be educational. So follow these four E's and you'll earn their attention. EARN keyword. When you combine this with the 5×4 formula, you are well on your way. 

MOFU(Middle of funnel) is all about nurturing the relationship in generating trust. Trust that you can solve the problem that you say that you can solve. BOFU (Bottom of funnel) is the conversion process. So this is when you withdraw from the equity that you've built, right? All of the investing, all of the stuff that you've given them, the 5×4 formula, the 4 E's, the time, everything you have invested. Now you have equity that you can withdraw. Simply put the conversion process is inviting your prospects to enter a deeper financial and results-based relationship with you.

Closing thoughts


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