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Has 2019 been a sucky year for you? Maybe great things have happened in your business and your life. But we know that the best years often coincide with the hardest years.

Because growth requires sacrifice. 

Reaching new levels will cost you something. 

We also know that our lives can get so crowded that it can be impossible to experience real growth in the midst of those hard times. Don’t let that be you. 

In this episode, Taylor shares the three areas of your life that are prime for pruning. The easiest way to grow through the hard times is to cut away the obstacles standing in your way. 

Some highlights from the show: 

  • Let’s talk about the concept of permanence (2:00) 
  • Why easy is never good and good is never easy (8:40) 
  • Growth through removal (14:30) 
  • Three types of people that are in your life right now, including the ones that don’t deserve to be there (24:16)
  • How to divide your time to blaze towards your goals in record time (29:30)
  • Three categories of beliefs, and how to shift into an empowered mindset (35:00)   


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