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Think this is awesome? The Black Friday Special being released next week has hundreds of hours of applicable training –  $70k worth of programs – on sales, paid ads, copy, mindset, and more.


At Traffic and Funnels, we aren’t in the business of marketing or sales. We are in the business of optimizing humans.

Matt Green, our Client Success Director, is responsible for ensuring that our clients experience is successful. The Client Success team’s job is to help the client WIN.

In this exclusive behind the scenes episode, we’ll share the ins and outs of our Client Success team. You’ve seen the ads, but let us show you the proof. At Traffic and Funnels, we champion our clients, and do everything we in our power to help them move the needle forward in a BIG way.

If you’re interested in learning more about Client Kit or have questions, you can reach out to one of our advisors or connect with Matt on Facebook.

Some highlights from this show:

  • What is the role of Client Success Director (CSD) (1:10)
  • The team Structure of Client Success (3:03)
  • A snapshot of the transformation that happens in our programs (5:15)
  • EXCLUSIVE – What Matt has learned as CSD (7:12) 
  • The proof is in the results – recent client wins (12:02)
  • The number one task of the CSD (13:45)

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