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Building Your Business

By March 20, 2018 Uncategorized

In this episode Chris Evans and Taylor Welch are in Utah teaching one of their guys how to ski. Turns out there are a LOT of parallels between learning to ski and building your business.

The guys discuss these parallels and lay down some awesome tips on what you need to do and how you need to think in order to be successful in your business.

They also chat about employees and the mentality you need to have as a business owner in order to protect yourself, your business and your employees for the long haul.

Show Highlights:
1:27 – Chris and Taylor discuss employees
2:08 – Why your employees all need to be replaceable
2:24 – Employee Accountability and measurement
5:20 – Building you business & Learning to ski
6:45 – Don't overthink things
7:44 – Don't focus on everyone else
8:45 – Keep the right perspective
9:45 – Don't be afraid to fail
10:00 – One of Chris and Taylor's most embarrassing mistakes

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