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Can I give you 100k in brand new clients?

Can I give you 100k in brand new clients?

I used to overcomplicate things and would just spin around in circles…

SIMPLICITY is hard to come by. People looooove complicated.

But simple is where the money’s at.

Even at our level, we fight this every day. The constant “need” to make things more complex than they need to be…

It’s in our DNA as entrepreneurs.

But let me give you some tips to free up your time AND grow your business at warp speed (they need not be mutually exclusive, despite what Gary V might tell you).

It all starts with the “S” word.



The most important system you can install early on is a way to get the ATTENTION of your market. Consistently. On Autopilot. Without YOU having to do anything.

Remember… marketing is about controlling the “supply & demand” ration in your favor.

Richard Koch, one of my favorite authors (he wrote “The 80/20 Principle”) says the best thing you can do is NOT try harder and work harder…

That’s a recipe for failure & burnout…

Rather, it is to ethically rig the game. Tilt the odds & stack the deck…

This is what I want to teach you.

This is what we’re masterful at.

When it comes to getting clients (without having to overwork yourself), it’s all about attention.

Check out this special YouTube episode where Chris breaks down 3 key rules for gaining and STEWARDING the attention of your market. It’s very good… then come back and finish reading this cause I’ve got more to give you.


Finished? K…


After you understand to an extent how to grab attention, you have to build systems to be able to do this WITHOUT you.

I remember when the only way for me to get a client was to go out and hustle. And even then, there were no guarantees I’d get a client from hustling cause I wasn’t doing the right things.

That’s not where we want you to be.

IF you’d like a faster path, you really need to check out the memos.

We have a zero-risk policy because our relationship with you is more important than money.

Let’s say you try these out, you don’t like them or you think that we over-hyped them, and you want your money back… just let us know and poof…

We hit a button and you get your money back — and you can keep the awesome bonuses you get when you signed up.

Now — how in the heck are we able to do something like this?

Well, we know our material is the best on the planet. So while people DO take us up on refunds occasionally, it’s very rare because our stuff actually works.

Test us on it.

But you gotta make the first move.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained,

-Taylor & Chris