In this client interview special, we’re chatting with one of our amazing ELITE clients, Ahmad Munawar. Ahmad is a family man, the founder of Boutique Growth, creator of the 90 Day Pipeline™, and a long-time follower of Chris, Taylor, and the Traffic and Funnels crew.

In 2017, Ahmad was looking for a way to bring the right clients into his business consistently and, after spending a lot of money on Facebook, building a webinar, and doing all of the “right” things, he had ZERO leads.

After stumbling on some training from Chris and Taylor he found the solution he had been looking for and hasn’t looked back since.

In this episode, Ahmad talks about his biggest takeaways over the past few years and how learning how to master Facebook Advertising has allowed him to scale far beyond where he’s ever been.

For more information about Ahmad, Boutique Growth, and the 90 Day Pipeline, visit 

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