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Creating A Culture Of Gratitude

As we are heading into the holiday season I think it’s incredibly important to talk about gratitude. More specifically creating a culture of gratitude. It is a great time to practice gratitude and remember what we have been gifted and thinking about our future goals.

Three Areas To Practice Gratitude

In companies like T&F and SalesMentor, we recognize that it’s not just the holidays that we get to be grateful for. So I want to talk real quick about how to build a culture of gratitude and three areas that you need to practice your gratitude area.

Area 1: Practice Gratitude Up

It's important to practice gratitude up the chain of command. When is the last time you told your superior how grateful you are for their investment in you? They’ve invested time into you. They’ve invested resources into you. Have you ever actually stopped and thought about how much time your team leads have poured into each member of the team?

The energy, the coaching, the guidance, the advice; that’s an investment. It’s important to communicate that gratitude up. Think about it. How do you feel when someone recognizes the good you are doing? Bosses, supervisors, team leads are people too. Remember that they are showing up—investing in you. It's important. Make sure to keep this up. Building a culture of gratitude up the chain of command.

Area 2: Practice Gratitude Down

There's always going to be somebody in your world —they may work for you, or they may be looking at you from a different team. You may be someone who doesn't have any direct reports, but you've got people on the team who look up to you.

So it's your job to practice gratitude down, not just up but also down—encouraging people. It could be like “Hey, I saw what you did there. I saw that you were on Slack at 7:30 pm handling a problem and you didn't have to. I just wanted to say massive props. That's amazing.”

Have you ever been encouraged? It feels good right? It makes you want to go the extra mile and do a little bit more. But when you encourage other people it makes you feel good through the act of encouragement. If you ever find yourself in a place where you're kind of stuck, or you feel like you're not moving forward, maybe what you ought to go do is go find somebody to encourage. Tell them how you notice them, you notice how they communicate and tell them that you think they're doing a great job. You'll be amazed how that act puts a little pep in your step. It gets you a little amped up.

Area 3: Practice Gratitude Around

I am so grateful for the culture that we're building and the people that have been brought into our companies. It's important that no matter what we do, we're always going to be pushing for a new goal. We're going to be pushing for a new record. But as a team, in the midst of striving towards goals, there are two ways that we can show gratitude. The first is through the things that you say, and the second is through the things that you do. I want us to practice gratitude in these two areas. I want to make sure the things that you say are uplifting, encouraging. Make sure you don't have too much time that goes by without you saying and or sharing something that shows us your gratitude or without doing something that shows him your gratitude.

Closing Thoughts

Gratitude is one of the reasons for the season. It’s critically important that we make sure that we're practicing gratitude, and we’re uplifting each other, and not taking anything for granted. As always don't miss out on the benefits of becoming a Podcast Community Subscriber today. If you haven't already, subscribe to The Traffic and Funnels ShowDaily Mind Medicine, and don't forget to come back to the blog every Friday.

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