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Do you agree with this?

“Budgets are key”

“Give every dollar a name”

“Debt isn’t used by wealthy people”

I’ll tell you how I feel about it.

Trapped. Caged. Stunted…


Because after reading a Ramsey book – you’ll feel better off. Yet in the long term, nothing could be worse than following this advice.

Your answer?

Dave Ramsey is rich

He’s rich because he keeps you (as a business owner) poor.

If you follow Ramsey’s solutions, you become a slave to your income. A slave to a dwindling, disappearing, dying revenue… 

“That is too expensive,” he says. 


Listen: If you’re a business owner… information like this will dwarf you.

Let me tell you why, as someone who makes a lot of money ignoring his advice.

(We just paid pretty close to a mill and a half for offices near Ramsey. He’ll be triggered because I put it all on an AMEX lol).

As a business owner, you have to master growth.

I’m not just talking about debt here.

I’m talking: Cash – debt – equity – assets. All forms of growth.

So here’s the deal…

Not seeking equity… is not seeking growth.

Being afraid of debt… is being terrified of growth.

Worrying about cash… is literally defying your growth.

In fact, let me show you how this plays out in your life.

At one point, my best advisor was secretly stockpiling his cash…

… finishing up a beautiful month with $40,000+ socked away.

And guess how far it got him.

Our clients could smell the lack of confidence at a thousand paces. And as a result, he went into the biggest sales rut we’ve ever seen.

Here’s what I told him: “I become first, I have second”

Immediately he got a lease on a jeep he’d wanted. And flash forward to next month, he closes out with his top month ever. 

Now I’m NOT saying you should go spend all the money you have because that’s silly…

What I’m saying is that your view of money reflects how much of if you’ll ultimately have. 

Do you believe it’s scarce? In short supply? Something hard to get? 

Then “Ramsify” away and budget yourself down to the bare minimum. Live in a cardboard box and REINFORCE your worldview that money is elusive and hard… 

But it’s easier to accept that money isn’t anything but a tool. An ABUNDANT tool that’s all over the place. So easy to come by and easier even to grow — if you have the right training…

So here’s how this works. If you’re a business owner and you want to grow…

There’s only one way you can to it. 

Learn and tap into people who know how to control growth… cash – debt – equity – assets… for your business.

Here’s what ignoring Dave Ramsey got me last year:

Now I want to do it to your business when you’re ready.

I got my coordinator to set up a special calendar below.

As of writing this, there’s 7 spots available and I want to talk about your business growth.

If you see the link below (it’ll disappear when the last slot is gone)… get on my calendar.

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You can follow Dave and be a slave to shrinking revenue.

Your choice. 

– T

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