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Double Your Output With The Morning Formula

Mindset more than anything else is really the factor that produces growth. Our “Morning Formula” training is one of the most valuable assets we’ve ever created.

We originally created it for ourselves but it also has helped thousands of entrepreneurs double their output, surpass their goals, and become a better version of themselves.

If you’re anything like me, one day you’re driven to succeed and the next day you just want to sit at Starbucks all day and read Lord of the Rings.

The “Morning Formula” is my everyday recalibration tool where I read the version of myself that I’m aspiring to become. This is something Chris and I have come to use religiously since day one.

Without it, I seriously doubt we’d have achieved even a fraction of what we have today.

In this article I’m going to break down some of the journey we have gone through for our own mindset, some of the common pitfalls we see a lot of people struggle with, and the basics of our frame called the Morning Formula.

By the end, you will be well on your way to doubling your output with the morning formula. Pair this with my 10 productivity hacks for entrepreneurs and you’ll be unstoppable.

What We’ll Cover Today

As we get started today I am going to focus on the following five particular areas:

  • Daily Success Ritual (DSR) & Ritual Training
  • Shaping & Tuning Expectations
  • Clarity & Focus
  • Building Your Morning Formula
  • Projections & Reflections

Let’s begin by breaking down the core components that comprise the Morning Formula.

Daily Success Ritual (DSR) Training

Stay Unsexy

The hare is sexy, the tortoise is not. The tortoise is rich, the hare is not.

What does that even mean? Simply put it means: consistency is the only way to create the results you want. That does not however mean that this process is always quick.

Consistency is key. Focus on the processes and focus on the actions you need to take and disconnect from the results. This is key.

Don’t focus on the results.

You have to disconnect yourself from the results and commit fully to the process. If you keep yourself consistent the results will eventually catch up. They will eventually come into line.

Remember: You can do the right things without seeing the right results.

There’s a fantastic quote from MLB Hall of Famer Tom Seaver that really hammers this home.

“In baseball, my theory is to strive for consistency, not to worry about the numbers. If you dwell on statistics you get shortsighted; if you aim for consistency, the numbers will be there at the end.”

This is true in baseball, it’s true in basketball, and it’s true in business. Business is just an elevated sport. It’s a game that you have to play the right way if you want to win.

Sometimes the best thing for you to do is not be so obsessed with results-based goals. Sometimes when people set goals for themselves they are all focused on results. They lack process goals. They have all of the goals based on lag indicators, vs lead indicators.

Let’s take a look at managing our expectations next.

Shaping & Tuning Expectations

Keeping your expectations in check can be a difficult task for some. Failing to do so can be a recipe for disaster. You must manage your own expectations. The wrong expectations will ultimately kill your business faster than anything else.

Just like in mathematics there should be an order of operations to what you should expect.

People often start solving problems in the wrong order. They are concerned and stressing out about how they could possibly scale their business before they’ve even landed a client.

Solve the problems in the right order. Failure to do so will kill your business. Also when things are difficult remember that turbulence and resistance are necessary.

Expect it. Welcome it. Learn from it. Realize and embrace that this is only temporary (that is of course unless you give up).

Mental Clarity & Focus

Dedicating yourself to the practice of having 100% mental clarity surrounding your goals and your business is just as important as your marketing strategy. Controversial—I know— but it is true.

In the next section, we’re going to get into the morning formula but before we unpack that you must dedicate yourself to the practice of reading your morning, eliminating negativity, and creating a winning environment

  1. The first is simple: read your morning formula every day. This will help you set your mindset daily and keep you locked in on your goals.
  2. Commit to surrounding yourself with positive people and ruthlessly cut out everyone negative and or stressful. This is a difficult thing to commit to but it will change your life. You have to think critically about the people you are spending time with and allowing them to speak into your life. Where are the negative voices? Who is perpetually causing you to become stressed or causes you to doubt yourself and your goals? It may be time to distance yourself from them or cut them out of your life entirely.
  3. Creating a winning environment. We regularly say protecting your environment is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Your environment is the people you surround yourself with but also can be the physical items and objects around you as well.

A strong person in a bad environment will lose to a weak person in a good environment.

Our environment sets the odds in your favor. It’s stacking the deck in your favor. If you are going out with friends who are disempowering, and are negative, and who stress you out, you are going to lose.

What is Morning Formula and Why Do We Do It?

In short, the Morning Formula is a recalibration tool to help you take control of your state of mind no matter what the circumstances.

If left up to chance you're going to find yourself waking up and being who you are based on your energy and mood, not on who you want to be. For example, sometimes I’ll wake up and feel like I can rip a tree out of the ground—I feel great. Other times I wake pissed as hell with no idea what I’m doing.

If you don’t have a way to throttle that and create consistency in your life, you are in trouble.

Reading through your morning formula helps to reframe your circumstances and reset your vision, realigning it with your overall goals and who you want to be. This makes your identity a choice. You become this person. You become a consistent person.

At some point, you're going to feel like you are in a tailspin, but using the Morning Formula we can recalibrate. It reminds you who you are, it reminds you who you are choosing to be.

The Morning Formula provides clarity to help you stay on course for what you want in life.

So What Does The Morning Formula Look like?

The Morning Formula is a tool that you create that is entirely unique and adaptable to its creator; you. It’s combined sections remind you in a structured manner of who it is you want to show up as every day.

In short, this document is talking about the core of its creator’s identity—who they want to be when they close their eyes and imagine themselves as a success.

The Morning Formula is broken down into multiple sections which help to build its reader up upon reading. The sections are Vision Map, Identity, Rules, Goals, Principles, Theater of the Mind, and Affirmations. 

Vision Map

Within the vision map you lay out the map for yourself of who you want to be—what a healthy, successful version of yourself looks like. For example, see the below excerpt from my vision statement below

Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals in HALF the time.

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Note something here: None of these goals are financials. They are focused on who I am becoming as a person, not things I want to buy.


On this page, we include images that use visual triggers of what success looks like: places that we love or would love to be, our ideal physique, what our house looks like or we’d love it to look like, images that evoke a feeling of success, etc.


In the rules section, we list out rules that define your life. They remind me of the lead indicators in my life, the inputs which create a successful life for me. None of these are focused on results.

Here are a few of my rules:

  1. I spend at least 1 hour every sing day working on me. (Reading a book, watching a training video, working on my goals, journaling, meditating, etc.)
  2. I spend 45m – 1 hour, 506 days a week exercising (Orange Theory, Gym Cardio, etc. )
  3. I work from a list, and every day BEFORE I leave work, I map out my list for the next day

Fun fact: A lot of times when you are off, not hitting your goals, you are not following your own rules.


Our principles section of the Morning Formula are items, phrases, sayings that help you think correctly. You read these every day. These are items that for me have come to define who I am.

A few of the principles I read every day are:

  • Let everything you do and own convey an image of importance. Own a first-class car, carry first-class luggage, go to first-class restaurants, and shop in first-class stores.
  • “Realize the truth: No one and I mean no one — no the pope, not the president, and may not but possibly Richard Branson — is better than you. They simply know something you don't know, believe something better than you believe, and are doing something you're not doing. those are all things you can change very easily” – Preston Ely.
  • “Become immune from distractions. Pay attention to nothing, except the truth” – Marcus Aurelius

Theater of the Mind

Theater of the Mind focuses on who you visualize yourself to be. Close your eyes, think about the person you are striving to become, the life that you want to have.


This is where you can list out your goals for the next year. These can be financial targets, results you’d like to achieve, toys you’d like to buy, etc. It’s amazing when you dedicate yourself to this how things start disappearing from the list

It might sound a little woo-woo but we have to keep updating our lists because everything we’ve put on ours has happened.


The last section of the morning formula is a list of affirmation statements. As you build this out you don’t necessarily have to read them all each day, I typically read 2 or 3.

  • Aways think and act today. I feel heroic, confident, and exhilarated knowing my actions today will create momentum
    tomorrow and the next day – I feel unstoppable.
  • I am free of the fear of rejection. Rejection is a necessary thing to achieve success. I act without fear of rejection and feel
    confident, strong-minded, and energized.
  • I am good enough. I am smart, helpful, and worthy of taking up anybody’s time. Knowing I am good enough makes me
    feel comfortable, confident, and exhilarated.

One Final Nugget for you: Projections/Reflection

One other quick lesson before you get out of here. This is possibly the single biggest lesson we’ve learned about growing a healthy client business quickly: the way you treat others is the way they’re going to be treated.

“Everybody projects their own beliefs, behaviors, and expectations on to other people then wonder why people are acting that way towards them…”

The problems or objections you’re going to experience from your prospect’s clients they’re the same problems or objections you are prone to yourself. Be wary of your projections and understand and leverage this law of the mirror.

So that’s the Morning Formula breakdown. Use what you’ve been reading to create your own document to help reset your expectations and put yourself into your most productive state. Trust me, it’ll change your life. By the way, the Morning Formula training is a part of our Productivity Training System which goes deeper into this and will help you accelerate your results. It is one of the highest-rated systems that we teach our clients and teams.

In your service,

– T

Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals in HALF the time.

Learn how to create your own morning formula using our template, double your output and slice your workdays in half like a pro by using  The Outcome Planner

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