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Elon Musk’s (TESLA) “Launch Formula”

I'm reading Elon Musk's (Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal) book right now and it's fascinating.

At a certain point, at least this happened to me, you get bored with most marketing and business books…

Except for the rare gem, most are just regurgitating old information.

Biographies, though…

I've been getting into them with a vengeance lately.

Rockefeller. Carnegie. Lincoln. And (currently) Elon Musk…


When Elon Musk was trying to get Tesla off the ground, obviously it was the first full electric vehicle…

…And they were trying to figure out how to prevent the battery from catching on fire.

Batteries, when they get hot enough, explode…

Tesla was in a tough predicament.

When other car companies set about testing, or tuning certain aspects of their cars, they “crash test.”

That's literally… build a ton of “test” cars and crash them into things.

Tesla didn't have the funds to waste.

At this point they'd dwindled down to a few hundred thousand dollars left in the bank and had to take out loans just to get payroll… you think of the (now) 30B company that Tesla is, and wonder how they ever found themselves in such a tight spot.

BUT, that's why I love reading biographies.

All of the “legends” have been in the same tight spot.

Anyways, Tesla had to get innovative.

The engineers at Tesla figured they could break up the batteries into much smaller parts, and if they were able to solve the problem there, it'd solve the problem for the bigger batteries.

So they took a lot of these battery parts, and went out back, and set them on fire.

Yep, set them on fire and made them explode.

They'd record the explosions in slow motion, and study the film.

Then they developed software to replicate the process so they could “play” with the different elements and, eventually, figured out a monitoring and cooling system to keep the batteries from getting too hot.

At that time, this was an industry first.

It follows a basic principle that we preach (and live by) all the time:

Failure produces breakthrough.

The goal should NEVER be to “not” fail, but – rather – to contain failure, and actually speed it up, so that you can develop solutions much faster…

This process that Tesla used, of containing the damages and accelerating the results, is the exact same process many of our clients have since adopted to build exceptional businesses.

…And it came out of just not having the money to waste “crash testing.”

Crash testing is the epitome of “trial and error.”

And here's the deal…

VERY few businesses have even the option to “crash test.” When we started, we definitely didn't…

That's why a lot of or process is created upon proven results and it's also designed to protect you from the downside of failure.

That doesn't mean we completely prevent you from failure. We make you jump off the cliff – most times the only thing keeping you from breakthrough in your business is an intense fear of failure…

…But if you can learn to insulate yourself from the negative “byproducts” of failure, you can actually produce results sooner than you ever thought possible.

I realize this isn't an ideal “pitch” to bring on new clients.

Because if you're indeed afraid of failure we're just going to bring that out and force you to action…

…But lol, our results speak for themselves.

If you want to be next, you owe it to yourself to have a chat with us… we'll either help you put the pieces together, or we'll show you how to do it on your own.

But the first part's on you.

Go here and commit yourself to the start of the process.

-Taylor & Chris