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Recently, we were having a conversation with a colleague, about “scaling.”

Seems to me there are two types of growth people are after.

1. Linear growth
2. Geometric growth

There’s nothing wrong with either. In fact, all growth can be (if managed properly), good growth.

But there’s a definitive difference between the two, and that’s what we want to talk about today.

Linear growth is what most everybody is interested in.

They want to increase “conversions” so they have more sales of a certain product. They want to add more budget to their traffic (because more ‘clicks’ equals more ‘sales’).

Or… they want to add staffing or team members, grow their sales teams, and create more manpower so they can handle more fulfillment…

This is GOOD.

You need linear growth. But geometric growth is better.

Geometric growth is true expansion.

It includes linear growth, but then more…

While linear thinkers say, “Let’s add more traffic to get more sales…

Geometric thinkers say, “Let’s create a referral system to generate more sales from the current customers our traffic is already generating, and then let's create another product – higher up and more expensive – to maximize the amount of revenue coming from our advertising dollars.

Geometric growth is “3D,” in that it attempts to not just create more clients and customers, but to offer those same customers and clients more value, and more often…

This is the difference between an entrepreneur and a manager. Most managers think only in terms of adding more weight to the lever… 

Entrepreneurs, seeing what's possible through expansion, create new levers, and they think long term about their marketing in this sense.

Point is… 

Be careful, when you hire anyone out to grow your business, that you are hiring entrepreneurs who are geometrically oriented and concerned with the expansion of your business…

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