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If you are a human, I guarantee that you have experienced stress. It is prevalent, universal, and can either be one of the most damaging ingredients to our body or the most effective stimulant for high-performance.

This episode is taken directly from an internal “Mindset Monday” call where Taylor challenges the thinking of their clients and pushes them to level up. Taylor addresses three of the most powerful ways to turn stress into a weapon.

Here are some highlights from this episode: 

  • The negative effects of stress on the body (2:45)
  • Stress as a stimulant for high performance (3:30)
  • The difference between those killed by stress and those empowered by stress (4:20)
  • Controlling your lens around stress (5:09)
  • Chris and Taylor’s experience in weaponizing stress the business (8:20)
  • Three keys to weaponizing stress (14:15)
  • Disconnect from other people’s barometer of success (14:53)
  • What can your stressful situation teach you? (18:47)
  • Acknowledge that the point of the game is to struggle the right way (20:34)

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