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Anyone can be a high performer for 15 min. It takes a different type of stature to sustain high performance consistently for a long period of time. In the land of “10x EVERYTHING,” (thanks, Grant Cardone) we implement a different approach to achieve our results. Do you know what’s more powerful than setting big goals? Setting a goal and hitting that goal. True prowess as a sales professional is all about controlling your results.


On this week’s episode, Taylor discusses how to utilize projections in a way that will take your sales team, and your business, to the next level.


Some highlights from this episode: 

  • Aligning projections with results (4:20)
  • The quest to be the best – balance or mastery? (5:42)
  • Chess, Checkers, and long term goal setting (8:35)
  • Setting accurate projections (12:35)
  • The purpose of projections (14:57)
  • Projections and behavior modification (16:24)
  • Projections are meant to reset your expectations (18:32)


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