To be successful, surround yourself with successful people and ask them how they think.

These thought processes hold the keys to unlock new levels in your business and life.

In this week’s episode, Chris and Taylor dive into the way they handle team, setbacks, surrounding yourself with consistency, and having a vision for your future. There is nothing that will affect your energy more than proximity and environment. So, lean in close to these guys, and surround yourself with other big thinkers who will lead the way to your success.

Some highlights from this episode: 

  • Why we’re replacing our Sales/Marketing Team in 2020 (3:02)
  • It’s a blessing an opportunity to solve big problems (4:22)
  • Tips on Finding Product/Market Fit (5:56)
  • Mental Framework for Setbacks (6:22)
  • Working Remote vs. Working in an Office (9:45)
  • Making Choices from Circumstance vs. from Vision (12:02)

You can also find more on this in Taylor's recent article

“What I've Noticed About Successful People”


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