How often do you let your fear of an outcome keep you stuck in a place of inaction? We live in a day and age where information is SO accessible. The resources and opportunities are endless, and yet fear is rampant.

This week, Taylor shares a powerful, if unorthodox, way to create a strategy towards success. Listen in to learn how to create a clear path to what you want, and silence your fear of failure.

Some highlights from this episode:

  • How to a decade that you’ll be proud of (3:12)
  • Doing the things you don’t want to do (4:09)
  • The one secret to build success in your life (5:23)
  • Building a plan for your worst-case scenario (6:47)
  • Taylor’s experience choosing necessity over fear (9:52)
  • Why you need to be willing to offend others (12:02)

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