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Growth Lessons from the Top


“If I had a billion dollars in my bank account, I would still be doing the same thing… fall in love with what you’re doing. If you can get to that place and enjoy the journey, it’s going to be really hard not to hit the goals you set. ” 

Taylor Welch & Chris Evans

Creating a successful business is hard work. Keeping it there shouldn’t be. 

This year we have seen Traffic and Funnels hit revenue goals that are unbelievable. Seriously. If you told our 20-year-old selves we would hit these numbers, we would have laughed in your face. We were disrespectful like that. 

Starting this business four years ago was hard work. Like, exhausting, backbreaking, late-night-early-morning work. But we probably don’t need to explain that to you because you get it. In fact, you might be in that season right now. 

Let us give you some hope from the other side. Even though our numbers are the highest they’ve ever been, our stress levels are at an all-time low. Why? Because this journey isn’t meant to be a sprint from beginning to end. When you put the right structures in place, you can build, and actually enjoy the rewards of your effort.  

Three Lessons for Sustainable Growth

There are three huge lessons that we’ve learned along the way that have helped us to grow, maintain that growth, and also stop breaking out in cold sweats in our beds each night as we wait for everything to fall apart. 

Put these lessons to work:

  1. Everything is Your Fault.

To gain sustainable success you have to assume responsibility of every outcome in your business. This is the greatest leverage point for growth. Whether you have a team of 100 or 1, every triumph and pitfall ultimately rests on your shoulders. 

It’s all about how you can service the dreams of yourself, and the people around you. 

What do I do about it? 

Before you can lead a team, you have to be able to successfully lead yourself. Your leadership is dependant on knowing where you’re headed, and having the strength to carry yourself and your team to that goal. 

Invest in your health. This includes physical health, but emotional health too. I can’t tell you how many people I know that are physically healthy, but emotionally obese. No one has ever lost their business because they can’t navigate click funnels. Countless businesses have literally fallen apart because the guy at the top is unhealthy in the key areas of his life. Success isn’t sustainable when the leader isn’t intentionally pursuing health. 

“Marketing is a skill set. Health is an identity.”

 – Taylor Welch

Achieving higher levels in your business should take you to greater levels in your marriage, with your kids, in your physical health. Healthy discipline breeds discipline. 

  1. Understand and Control Your Growth Levers. 

How many times do you wait until you get into your office to decide what you’re going to do that day? When the day begins without you, it can be easy to slide into a pattern of playing catch up. Each day requires recalibration. A simple plan already in place before you wake up gives the marching orders for the goals you are reaching for. 

What do I do about it?

What are the growth levers that shape the goals you’re making? 

Don’t overcomplicate it. 

Drive opportunity. Make offers. That’s it. Those are your levers.

As the CEO, owner, founder, whatever, of your business these should be the focus. Bring people to your offer, and sell them on the product or service. Everything else is extra, and it’s probably slowing you down. 

  1. Understand – Momentum is the Most Valuable Currency in Your Business. 

Momentum is sacred. It can be difficult to gain, then disrespect it and watch it leave in a second. We live in a self-serving culture that is all about instant gratification. This combo is counter to the environment needed to sustain momentum. 

Building momentum will require your patience and diligence. You have to be willing to put the right things in place before you start seeing results. 

What do I do about it? 

Momentum will be the force that drives your business to new levels. Gaining momentum is dependant on three key assets: 

  • Goals. 

If you don’t know where you want to go, how the heck will you ever get there? 

“Know where you’re headed, because most people don’t. You can’t create momentum if you’re just shoving a boulder around aimlessly. You have no depth perception or targets to hit.” 

– Chris Evans

Make goals for every area of your life and business. 

You should plan goals that are immanent, and also goals that are far reaching. 

What are you hoping to achieve this week. month. quarter. year? 

Write them down, and be specific. The more specific you can be in the goals you want to achieve, the more power they will have to create momentum. 

Maybe this feels to simplistic for you? Let me ask you, how many goals do you actually have written down and how often are you reading them. 

The answer should be all of them. Everyday. If that’s not your answer, you have something to learn. 

  • Small wins.

If you want to win in the big things, the easiest way to get there is to start winning in the small things. 

This is about consistency. 

Getting ripped starts with choosing to go to the gym every day, even when you haven’t seen the results. 

Making that first million starts with the sale you make today, and tomorrow, and the next day. 

It’s the focus on the 1% growth day after day after day (after day) that will compound and lead you to those big wins. 

  • Impact in the “feel good.” 

Making a positive difference in the lives around you makes you feel really, really good. 

How crazy is it that momentum in your own life can be created by changing someone else’s?

How can you impact your team, your spouse, your kid, the guy behind you at Starbucks today? Boost your “feel good” and boost your momentum. 

Which one of these keys needs a little TLC in your business? Take some time this week to take audit of your growth plan. Are you taking responsibility for your wins and losses? Are you leading others and yourself? Are you focusing on the things that matter? How’s your momentum? Don’t push that boulder aimlessly. Set the standards for yourself. It can get a little lonely here at the top. Join us.