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How does someone making $320K per month still feel poor?

This isn’t uncommon. Many entrepreneurs find themselves struggling as they make more money. They arrive at their goals only to feel let down and unsuccessful every time. Understanding what drives you and harnessing the power of poor is the thing you need to grow your business.

“If you’re not feeling a little bit poor, you’re missing out on a lot of torque and drive.” – Taylor Welch

Like it or not, we compare ourselves to others every day. But, are you comparing yourself backward or forward? The perspective you choose has a big impact on how you feel and the actions you take each day.

Compare Yourself Forward

When you compare yourself forward, you use what’s possible as your perspective for growth. Rather than looking back at past versions of yourself, start closing the gap between your potential and where you are today. 

“What is the future you are producing? Paint that picture and compare yourself today to that person. That ultimate version of yourself continues to evolve and expand.” – Chris Evans

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of defining success as a dollar amount. You might be earning $20K per month, so you set a goal to reach $100K. After hitting the goal, you expect to feel on top of the world and instead, you feel the same (or worse). You lose motivation, causing your biggest month to be followed by your worst month. How is it possible to achieve “success” and still feel… unsuccessful? Sound a little too familiar?

If You’re Not Feeling a Little Poor, You’re Doing it Wrong

There’s great power in feeling a little poor. It gives you the torque that initiates action. Too many people have settled for being satisfied at a level that’s far below their potential. They chose a dollar amount as their goal, forcing themselves to increase it over and over only to end up exhausted. 

Entrepreneurs need to rewire their definition of success to their potential. Ask yourself, “Am I closing the gap between my potential and who I am today?” This creates resistance, and without resistance, everything in life atrophies. Resistance forces you to grow and expand. Harness the power of poor and lean into the struggle.

“What you compare yourself to and the perspective you use to stack yourself up impacts how you feel about yourself.” – Taylor Welch

Like the runner who has a pacer running alongside to maintain their speed, you can use the future version of yourself to keep pace. What do you see the future you creating? Paint that picture and compare yourself to that person each day. The ultimate version of yourself is always evolving. 

Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction can Co-Exist.

Wake up poor in order to push through life and make things happen. Have something to push towards so that you can go to bed knowing you gave your best effort. The journey should be a struggle, and you need to strike a balance between satisfaction and dissatisfaction. 

“Everything in your life is designed for pushing against resistance. Contentment produces atrophy.” – Taylor Welch

Always have more to accomplish each time you arrive at a goal. Find joy in being dissatisfied and keep pushing beyond the milestones you’ve already reached. If you’re not having these strategic moments in life where you feel poor, your goals are insignificant.


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