How Much Money Do You Have to Spend On Ads to Earn $100,000 Per Month?

Let’s rap about this for a bit.

Taylor & I have been getting on a few podcast interviews lately, and the thing people seem to wanna know is:

“Is it really, truly ‘controllable’? Like… how much money do you have to really spend on Facebook ads to hit your revenue targets each month?”

Well, obviously, it depends on the approach you take.

If you adhere to the typical “ascension” model (low priced tripwire, mid-level core product, high value flagship offer), then you will need to spend a lot to make a lot.

But it is SERIOUSLY almost as hard to sell a $100 product as it is to sell a $7,000 product.

That’s why we start out with our clients by helping them build (and sell) their more exclusive, multi-thousand dollar product / offerings first.

Paid traffic is more forgiving (meaning, you can make more mistakes and still make a good profit), the funnel can be simpler, and overall it’s a faster and more enjoyable ride to pulling down six figures each month as a service provider, consultant or coach.

Anyways… advertising.

We have two proven funnels (both are super simple) that we help our clients build.

The numbers are slightly different, but not much…

And here’s the bottom line: on a worst case basis, to generate $100,000 in revenue, using our system, you’ll need to spend anywhere from $10k – $15k in advertising.

“But, Chris, I don’t have $10k a month to spend right now…”

Well that’s not a problem (most people don’t), because this whole thing scales backwards.

Your paid traffic should fund itself.

So let’s say you start with $500 and you put that into advertising with one of our client funnels…

…You should see between $5k and $7k rolling back in (give or take within 2-3 weeks at the latest).

Then out of that $5k, let’s say you collect $2500 and you spend another $1k in ads.

Then that $1k in ads produces another $10k – $15k. From there you re-invest another $5k to keep your machine growing.

That $5k then produces $20k – $30k. And on and on you can grow it (until you run out of room in your calendar to fulfill and either have to build a team or raise your prices).

Sounds pretty awesome, right?


Nothing else comes close to the level of control that we help our clients get over their business…

But it’s a process. You have to do the right thing first, and then do the next right thing. And trust me, there’s no better way to screw this up and lost a lot of money than by going it alone.

So here’s my question:

Why aren’t you already doing this?

If it really was this simple, and it really was this foolproof, what the heck are you doing?

Why are you wasting time just sitting around on our list and not doing anything to create the future you want in your business…?

And… it really is this simple. Maybe you haven’t booked a time to talk with us because you don’t believe me.

Here’s what the journey looks like from one of our recent clients:

Week 2CraigS

Week 4

Week 5

I literally cannot make this stuff up.

Actually I have a folder on my desktop with over 60 pictures just like this – of case studies that I just don't have time to “blur out” and send to you.

In fact, at this point we probably have more case studies and a higher success rate than anybody else doing the same thing in our industry.

But anyways…

The caveat with paid traffic is having a good system (or funnel) to turn your leads into applications and your applications into clients.

OF COURSE we help you do all of that and we help you do it FAST (in fact 70% of our clients completely ROI from working together in the first month).

If you want to talk about how to use some of our strategies in YOUR business – and are interested in creating this systematic control in your business – I can’t think of any reason NOT to meet with us besides just hating money in general.

So here's my offer:

Here’s the link you can use to book into either my calendar or one of my team’s calendars.

We'll talk about how to use traffic and just ONE very simple funnel to create consistency and controllable revenue targets for your business…

Spots will go quickly because I haven’t emailed in a bit and we only book out a few days in advance – so I hope if this resonates with you, you’ll click here and book a time!

Talk soon…

Co-founder Traffic And Funnels

And P.S. – once you get your advertising formula in place (which is what we'll talk about on the call), you can literally scale it up or down as needed whenever…

A few weeks ago we took a little vaca and turned everything off. It all fired right back up and we were taking clients again as soon as we got back.

Doesn't get any better than that!