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How my new car can magically improve your sales and marketing

There's nothing that will improve your sales & marketing like getting a new car… it's early, and my voice is raspy, but the goods are there..

Check out this quick recording to learn:

  • Why ‘bells and whistles' can be a good thing or a bad thing (how you use them makes all the difference)
  • Marketing is like a game? Yup, here's how to play it to win it
  • What happens when you don't know the metrics “under the hood” of your business
  • The #1 predictor of future performance is past performance? WRONG (it's your environment, here's what to do about it)
  • How to escape the ups and downs of inconsistent marketing
  • Lead indicators VS lag indicators (which matters more?)
  • How ‘KPI' metrics help you tune the profitability of your marketing machine
  • And more…

All in all, here's the main point:

The things you focus on tend to grow…



As always, if you need a boost in your current business, why don't you book in a strategy call with a member of our team? There's nothing for sale, just good, solid & proven strategy to grow your business… Go here for that.