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What do you do when things go wrong?

Believe it or not, not everything always goes right here at Traffic and Funnels. Contrary to what you might think, we actually get things wrong. Often.

As entrepreneurs, it’s very easy for us to become emotionally compromised – when you get that dreaded email that a client isn’t happy and leaving, or you get a call from your finance department that you’re not in the black and you’re actually in the red this month…

Usually, this happens because your “lead indicators” have not gotten your attention.

Focus somewhere has been lost and you haven't been able to keep the millionaire mindset.

In this episode, Chris Evans breaks down our strategy for adjusting when things go wrong and how to navigate it with ease.

Here are some highlights from this show: 

  • How to Adjust When Things Go Wrong (1:30)
  • Have the End in Mind (2:40)
  • Attaching Your Vision to Enjoyment (3:30)
  • Utilizing Inverted Thinking (4:20)
  • Things to Focus On (7:20)

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