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The Secret to Sales 


“Anybody can win one game. When you win one, it's kind of a fluke. If you can win two, three, five, and seven in a row, then that's by design.” 

Taylor Welch


When Sales is a Dirty Word. 

Sales is the single greatest skill you can possess. 

So why does it seem so sleazy? Or dirty? 

Money is everywhere. It’s easy to attain, and there for the taking.

So why do people (maybe you) continually struggle to get more of it? 

If you aren’t making the revenue you want to, I’d be willing to bet the biz that you say you believe that money is easy to attain, but deep down you believe something else entirely. 

Selling is the greatest skill you can have. But many people are afraid of sales or see it as something sleazy or dirty. On one hand, they know that money is everywhere and easy to attain. On the other, they continually struggle to get more of it. They believe one thing, but deep down they believe something different. 

What Entrepreneurs Are Missing in Their Marketing

Most people don’t understand a fundamental truth: Sales is the foundation of everything. If you don’t embrace selling, marketing your business is going to be hard.. There’s no way you can write compelling advertisements that get people to take action. 

“Sales is the foundation of everything. If you don't understand the principles of sales, then you’ll suck at marketing.” 

– Chris Evans 

Successful salespeople know they can’t be great at selling if their life is a mess. They know the importance of creating synergy among the fundamentals. They take care of themselves physically and mentally. 

People who struggle with sales lack self-awareness. They don’t stop to check in with themselves and observe the state they’re in at any given point in time. Lacking self-awareness means lacking the situational awareness needed to succeed in sales.  

Selling With Confidence, Conviction, and Resolve

If you have the skills, expertise, and ability to help others, it’s your obligation to become the best salesperson you can be. You do that by having integrity, being ethical, and demonstrating honesty in your character. Selling is not manipulation, it’s being the best at serving others and being the force that gets prospects across the finish line. 

You do this with confidence, conviction, or resolve. Confidence is the belief in yourself and your abilities. Conviction is the belief that you’re using those abilities in the right way and for the right reasons. Resolve is the state of mind where you understand that any significant impact you make will come with resistance. 

“Resolve is the level where you're so competent in what you're doing, that you expect the resistance and you revel in it.” 

– Taylor Welch

Resistance comes from two opponents. The first is your competitor. These are the people you’re playing against. The second opponent is your future self. It’s you six months down the road. Where do you see your future self? What are the behaviors and habits of your future self? What are they doing that you’re not doing today? 

Many entrepreneurs end up on the sidelines despite their potential. They wait until they have enough confidence to get in the game. But confidence only comes once you’re actually playing. So they live below their potential. Those who succeed in sales are the ones who keep going when they feel stupid. They revel in the resistance. They know that anyone can win once. So they keep getting better by winning again and again.