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There’s nothing worse…

Waking up, heading to pick up up your computer, only to remember that while you have clients and work that is on your plate right now – you’re just days away from completing those projects.

And then… back to ground zero.

If you’re a freelancer, you probably know this dance well. It’s feast or famine. And if you been doing this for more than a few months, then you know how stressful it can be to live your life like that. Especially when you have a family to feed and a mortgage to pay.

In this article, I’m going to give you two tactical steps that you can take TODAY to finally be able to exit the feat or famine lifestyle… and instead have an ever growing list of hungry clients willing to pay you JUST to reserve your services.

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First, let’s just clear the air: It’s not your fault.

It's not your fault because prospects don't understand your true value. They probably see you as a commodity or what you do as a commodity. Like they can just go right down around the block and get it from somebody else, maybe even cheaper. And they treat you that way. Maybe these prospects, they haven't really spent enough time with your brand and they don't really see you as an authority.

Here’s the truth – You can have prospects that desire you and have given you a deposit like they've already given you money just to reserve you in the future, reserve your services and your offers in the future prospects.

Think of it like they are “pre-ordering” your services. And y'all it, it just changes the dynamic. It's amazing. And the prospects that come in this way value your time and work more because they've been primed and trained to see the value BEFORE they buy.


Want To Watch The Full 90-Day Waitlist Training?

Learn the 5 steps you need to take to fill up your client roster and have a waitlist of clients who have already paid to reserve your services…

Watch The 90-Day Waitlist Training For FREE

This is really interesting. So for all my Apple users out there, I'm sure that you've experienced this where you know, you've been wanting a new phone and you've been waiting and waiting and the, and maybe you order, but it's gonna take a month or two months until you get it.

Or maybe you go to the apple store and you actually have stood in line like this. The reason why this is very, very intentional and I call it “The Apple Effect” because there is a tremendous high desire, high demand for that product. Get that word, write it down. DEMAND.

And when you dial this in for your freelance business, you will never have to worry about money again. When your offer, your services are at such high demand and they desire you so much. And the supply (that’s you) is low – My friend, that's when you have ‘The Apple Effect.”

When you have a line of people out the door, they've already given you a deposit, they've already purchased your service and it's not delivered until you are ready. This is game changing and it'll work for any freelancer.

In my training “The 90-Day Waitlist” I go over 5  ways to create that demand. For time, today I’m going to share two of those.

Step 1:  You must create your non-com commoditized offer.

In order to get your prospects to desire you and to desire your offer/service,  you must have a non-commoditized offer. This is really, really important because when your offer is different than everybody else's, it's unique. And when something is unique, people want it.

So you must be very specific about who you are talking to. You can't talk to everybody and have an offer. You have to be specific and when you nail it… we call that a “bomb offer.”

You're not gonna have an “Apple Effect” offer if you're trying to help everybody. People get up and wait in line for things that feel rare and valuable. This is how you need to be positioned.


Step 2: Fill your roster in the next five days with what we call the “Dream 10” process.


The “Dream 10” process is something that we teach our clients. When they first start working with us, we task them with building their dream 10.

The Dream 10 is simply a list of the 10 people who you want to either:

a) work with directly.
b) have them in your network so they can refer work to you.

Here's something you should internalize – there is money all over the place for you right now. So this is something that you should definitely start to implement. All you need is the list of your dream 10 – then you need to start to take action and take the steps to get in their world.

Join their facebook groups, buy their products, connect with their team, help them in some way. Just know that creating the list is not enough. Most people hire people they know or who have been referred to them.

So… how can you get closer to your Dream 10 so that YOU become known or referred? Answer that, and you'll never have to worry about work again.

If you guys take action on these two steps, I believe it will be HUGE for your freelance business. BUT… this is not the only things you can do to generate demand. If you want to watch a full training on exactly this and have an opportunity get a free gift that will help accelerate this process, click here now to watch it for free.


Chris Evans

Want To Watch The Full 90-Day Waitlist Training?

Learn the 5 steps you need to take to fill up your client roster and have a waitlist of clients who have already paid to reserve your services…

Watch The 90-Day Waitlist Training For FREE