You're NOT Going to Drown.

In this episode, Taylor tells a story about taking his 1 year old daughter to swim lessons and how it relates to life and business.

“As terrifying as it was to see her dunked underwater, it’s even more terrifying to imagine her falling in a pool and not knowing how to swim.”

Even though it was incredibly hard to watch her being dunked underwater for a second or two and not being able to comprehend what’s going on, the temporary downside or discomfort is worth the long term upside.

Think about it, a second or two of being shocked and dunked underwater is setting her up to be able to save herself from drowning for the rest of her life.

We can easily compare this to our lives and businesses as adults (whether we accept the title or not) and entrepreneurs. 

Here’s a simple truth: Everything is temporary.

If you look back at the seasons, difficulties, and problems that you’ve encountered – 99% of the time, we inflate and insert permanence into something that is actually a 3 second dunk underwater.

We lose objectivity when we believe that temporary setbacks or traumatic events are going to last forever.

We can’t recognize it’s temporary, so we lose our composure and begin to splash around in a situation that really doesn’t last that long and definitely won’t be forever.

Most often, it’s not the time during the trauma that actually kills you. It’s usually the time after the trauma that slowly drags you down to a place you never wanted to be. The true definition of power is the ability to be vulnerable with your people and to let those people encourage and uplift and share their own vulnerable moments. 

If you’re honest with yourself and you look back at the problems, trauma, and horrible moments in your life, you’ll be able to see yourself losing composure during the middle of the trauma. By doing so, you’ve lost access to the lessons after the trauma, and you can never identify the patterns that caused the trauma in the first place. This is why we have 40 year old people dealing with the same messes that they dealt with when they were 20.

Because everything follows patterns. Everything.

My doing allows the same problems to repeat themselves in different areas and seasons of my life. More often than not, it is our own lack of processing power that allows the same traumatic events happen over and over again.

If you stay composed in the middle of trauma, you’ll get to the end of it and begin to harvest lessons from it. 

As you look back over traumatic events and problems that you’ve experienced in your life and business, ask yourself these questions:

Did the people around me empower me to be less than what I should have been?

Did they empower me to be weak?

Did they empower me to be all that I am supposed to be and step up to the challenge?

Whatever pain you are experiencing, problems that you’re going through, or setbacks you’ve encountered are only temporary. It’s paramount to realize that the problems you are facing are caused or allowed by your own patterns. When you lose your composure, you lose your ability to think – and that, my friend, is everything.


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