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I won’t lie to you.

Business is both simple and complicated.

It’s simple because to grow, all you legit need are 2 simple steps:

  • A starving crowd (Gary Halbert style) – top of mind – OFFER.
  • Using that offer and taking it to market.

The complication?

  • Attraction
  • Systems
  • Good copy
  • Ads
  • Ads compliance
  • Ads fatiguing
  • Organic
  • Testing
  • Dealing with failing
  • Mindset
  • Mental performance
  • Physical performance

I told you I wouldn’t lie. These will follow you… until the day Starbucks calls you back into employment.


But what’s more, the simple things you just saw are all it takes to breach 5-figure months and much, much more…

I promise. However, we’re talking about the skinny on $50K months.

So whether you’re there or not… you’ll level up as byproduct JUST from reading this. Let’s move onwards…

What are your next steps? We’ll cover them in just a moment.

But recap with me for a moment…

  1. You’ve got an offer – it’s priced above $3K – and it’s validated (as in, someone hits you with their mastercard details).
  2. AND… you know your market wants(<< pay attention to that one) and needs it (<< also that one)…

And up to this point, that’s all you need. However to grow, you’ll want to…


  • Create advertising


You need to be able to attract attention… nurture… and build a list of future prospects.


Well, it replaces you, time and effort. Instead of prospecting and putting in the work, it’s done for you.

And done right, you wake up tomorrow with a FULL calendar… instead of needing to go to events, message people or ask for referrals.

You now are the list owner of actively interested prospects — with hands raised — saying they ARE your starving crowd.

  1. Get advertising leads… on the phone

Once done, it’s not enough to simply have a list or pool of people.

You need a conversion tool to move them to speaking with you.

Our clients get ALL sorts of these… specifically dialed in for their market, their problem and their solution.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here.

You virtually need to have someone behind you who can pinpoint the correct solutions to your market.

If you don’t…

You’ll copy the blandness of the marketplace. And you know what they say…

… “If you’re not first, you’re last.”

… “If you can’t be first, be different.”

BUT, most of all, you have to…

  1. Sell

Having walked more than 1,600 clients through this exact process… the easiest step often becomes the hardest.

And for all sorts of (frankly… stupid) reasons.

Clarity. Confidence. Results. Outcome avoidance. Fear. Weird childhood events crippling your drive.

Honestly it gets intense. Ruts happen.

I’ve seen entrepreneurs go 15/20 and hit 75% closing rates on high ticket offers…

Then the next day, they’re dying and can’t close anyone.

So how do you avoid that?


Being around others who are winning.

Being around experts who give you guidance.

Being around offers, systems, ads, marketing, calls…

It’s the offer I want to extend to you.

Because your entrepreneurial environment dictates whether you grow past $50K and beyond.

And everything we went through above?

Advertising. Nurturing and conversion. Selling…

It’s as close to tested, proven and done for you as they come. It’s exactly what like some of these guys got access to…

Piece everything you’ve seen together… and $20K months are your new reality.

But take the same steps these clients walked… and out of nowhere your market forces you to grow by default.

Now with everything at your disposal – you now have a critical decision to make.

If you’re wrong, you will crash. And your offer, market and effort will be for nothing…

If you’re right, you grab a calendar slot and talk about your business — talk about accelerating it — and plug in everything we’ve talked about.

When you’re ready to get started, just click or tap the link below and get an exclusive slot.

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In your service,

– T

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