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How to Hit Just About ANY Target In Your Client Business

How to Hit Any Business Target


Today I’m going to give you a super advanced & scientific method for hitting any business target.

Well first…

You need to know where this came from – because it’ll be hard to understand if I don’t give you 2 quick minutes of back story.

Almost 3 years ago, I enrolled my FIRST client.

Crazy eh?

So I was a new freelancer, wanting to write copy and architect awesome sales funnels for people, and my first client wanted a “deal.” (As in, he didn’t want to pay the price I quote him)

I immediately caved and said, “Sure okay… I’ll do it for $400.”

Four hundred bucks, for a slew of landing pages, VSL copy for 4 different videos, 8 emails, and an upgrade letter.

That’s a LOT of freakin work for 400 bones.

But first client, so I said “okay.” Then I thought, “This is it. I’ve done it – gotten my first client. I’ll never have to look for clients again!”

Thinking you know, that this guy will send me referrals and stuff.

But then he never did.

And it took me six months to get my next client. WTF.

I literally had no idea how this process worked. That it was NOT my clients’ responsibility to send me referrals…

Chris’ story is a little different on the timeline, but it’s basically the same:

1. Do something with naive expectations
2. Doesn’t work so try something different3.
3. That doesn’t work either so try something different
4. Keep trying until you eventually figure it out or you get burned out and give up

That is how *most* people we see are trying to hit their business targets.

If you’re running your business like this, you’re being an idiot. And it’s likely you will probably never actually hit your business targets that way.

Here is the better way:

1) Identify the target clearly – ex. “I will earn $X amount by THIS DATE.” Or “I will help X clients do _______ by the end of THIS DATE.”

Write it down… and make sure you’re not just making random numbers up either…

How much money do you need / what do you want out of your business? Put a reason behind it and write it down.

2) Find somebody who’s already achieved your business targets, and learn what they know.

What is it that WE know how to do better than anyone else?

Well we’ve built a client business that does over $300k per month in revenue. We have a system that we can project our income with, all the way down to the penny spent in advertising.

We know the levers to pull to fix any specific issue that pops up in our business… which means we’ve engineered absolute & complete control over how much we work, who we work with, and the value / money attached to our time.

I’m just saying all this so you know, however you’re doing it now, it’s possible & likely there’s a better way.

Of course, if you’ve got it under control, keep rocking & rolling.

If you want more, wake up and let’s get on the phone together.

Your friendly marketing consultants ;)
– Chris & Taylor

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