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One of the most powerful types of mindsets that we can impart to you is how to hit your revenue goals in 2021 (and how to clearly plan them.)

What's up everybody? Taylor Welch and Chris Evans here.

We’re going to break down the strategy session economics of what it takes to hit your revenue goals.

(Strategy sessions are the calls you have with prospects to offer value, which double as sales calls if you have a solution that is right for them.)

Planning and hitting your revenue goal all begins with this sheet below. Click this image below and zoom in to get a closer look.

What Do You Want To Make? 

Is your goal to make a hundred thousand dollars this year?

$800,000 or a million and a half?

We use this tool in our own business to determine if we're on course to hit our goals or if we need to course correct. 

The reason we’ve been able to accelerate our growth is this spreadsheet.

Everything We Do Rises and Falls on Strategy Sessions

When you keep the focus on the number of strategy sessions booked on your calendar, that's going to be your gauge on whether you're successful or not. 

(Not building a website and all these ancillary things.)

At the end of the day, if what you’re working on does not contribute to getting phone calls lined up, it just doesn't matter. Don’t do it.

What's Going to Get You To Your Numbers

Initially that's going to be your organic posting

And of course, having your offer ready to go is critical, too.

And once you start getting that momentum, you start getting to the paid ads side and sending more traffic to your business.

It's All About Coming Back To This One Thing Every Single Day. 

Start with this question: What is the revenue goal you want to hit this month and this year?

Now, reverse engineer that number into how many strategy session calls you need on your calendar every month.

Let's go ahead and break this down for you on how this can apply for your business.

…And how you can essentially forecast what your revenue can be based on the amount of strategy sessions that you have. 

It's Easy to Get to Six Figures in Your Business

Example: To make $15k your first month you will need:

  • 5 clients at $3,000 each.

To get there, you’ll need 25 strategy sessions booked on your calendar that month, to get those 5 clients.

…Assuming a close rate of 20%, which is on the conservative side.

And if you need sales training, check this out.

What if your goal is to build a seven figure business in 12 months? 

Chris and I build seven figure businesses all the time in about half that amount of time.

12 months is plenty of time for you to build a million dollars. 

Anytime you’re on a call or feel like you're behind, look at this sheet and evaluate your strategy session economics.

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Don’t Know What To Charge?

The first part of answering the question of what to charge is:
What is your revenue goal?

The second part is:
What do you need to charge to hit your revenue goals? 

If you want to hit a hundred thousand dollars in a month while selling something for a thousand dollars, that’s  going to be really hard. 

You’re going to need to have a high-ticket offer.

And whenever there's something that needs to be fixed, this sheet is going to be your roadmap or your GPS system to show you need to change in your business to hit your revenue number.

At The End Of The Day

If you're going through the process and you're confused on how to hit your revenue goals in 2021:

Come back to this and ask yourself:

  • How many potential clients have I talked to today? 
  • How many strategy sessions have I lined up? 

That's what it all comes back to. 

Even while you're doing your organic posts or your webinar or your case study video or any other feeder funnel. 

There are so many other organic strategies that we talk about that you can implement to make sure that you're having people get on your calendar so you can have conversations.

And look, even if you don't sell the first five or 10 phone calls, that's okay.

Every call is an opportunity to collect data to hone in your offer so that you can hit the sale on the sixth person or the 11th person, and start to gain that momentum. 

Don't Get Stuck Before You're Stuck. 

Get movement and get rolling. 

Keep it simple and focus 100% on the numbers. 

When you do, you can accurately project exactly what you need to do to get the revenue numbers where you want to be in your business.

It just doesn't get much simpler than that. 

Stay locked in on this numbers game.

It'll keep you focused and moving in the right direction.

In your service,

– Taylor Welch & Chris Evans

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Here’s to an absolutely EPIC year.


Reserve Your Free Client Acquisition Diagnostic Consultation

(Available for an extremely limited time)
We'll help you drill down on the vital few things you must get right to grow to $100k/mo+ quickly.

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