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Yo! In this article, we’re going to talk about how to identify and attract your dream clients, so that you can start your business right.

To do that we’re going to show you how to build out your own “High-Value Avatar Builder” sheet, which is a cornerstone document for your business that you will refer back to time after time.

If you already know who your customer avatar is, check out how to use Facebook to get clients.

So… “What is an “avatar?” you might ask.

It’s the term we use when referring to the perfect client you are able to serve. 

In order to learn who that is, you need to know what their deep pains and desires are so that you can create messaging that speaks directly to them and attracts them to work with you

This is the foundational process we first used when we started back in the day, and what many of our clients have been through to get them from where they started to build a thriving business, knowing exactly how to speak to their market.

What we’re about to cover.

We’re going to walk you through the process of how to identify and attract your dream clients by doing an exercise that is going to give you clarity on:

  • Who can you help?
  • What do they need help with?
  • How can you speak their language in a way that they’re going to trust you and pay attention to you?

If you haven’t done this before, it should take you at least 3-5 hours to complete it correctly.

Once it’s done, you’ll have a cornerstone avatar document for your business that you will refer back to all the time.

It’s especially useful when you need to create new marketing materials and posts, to make sure you’re reaching the correct market with the right messaging.

Before we get started, let’s cover a few common pitfalls people fall into when completing this:

Pitfalls When Working Out How To Identify And Attract Your Dream Clients 

It’s paramount that you know what the pains & desires of your market are, in detail, so that your marketing becomes potent.

A lot of people out there make organic posts that are like lemonade with a bunch of melted ice in it. It’s not very potent. Potency in your marketing is when there’s a perfect mix that moves your market to take action.

Some pitfalls to be aware of when working out how to identify and attract your dream clients are:

  • Not having enough detail
  • Too wide and too encompassing. (Don’t focus on moms AND dads AND kids AND business owners AND non-business owners, etc. Focus on one person. One problem)
  • Conflicting information (one type of person described at the beginning and then you change it as you go through the exercise) 
  • Too much meaningless demographic targeting.

The most important information to know about your avatar is pain-based. If you’re spending time trying to figure out information about them that doesn’t pertain to their pains, it doesn’t matter.

Identifying Your Avatar Will Be The Foundation of Your Client Business

When you start writing your organic posts, headlines, ad copy, conversations, etc., ALL of your messaging should all mirror your avatar’s feelings and deep emotions about their situation.

When you’re able to align your message with their deep pains or pleasures or emotions about their situation, that’s when the magic happens. That’s where you get success.

Your job is to discover their pains and desires and reveal (i.e. hold up the mirror to them.)

Your messaging should show them who they are now, and who/where they can be with your help, your guidance, and your system.

Every one of our clients who come through this exercise says that they’ve never had this amount of clarity in their markets before. They’ve never known that you could be this aware of what your prospects are thinking.

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s go into what a good avatar worksheet looks like

Complete Your Avatar Worksheet:

1. What is the biggest result I can help a business or person achieve? (describe in detail. How does the result feel? Get specific.)

2. Describe the favorite client you’ve ever had that you want more of… (Remember.. Get SPECIFIC)

3. What’s the biggest problem your most ideal client has?

Ex: They fear to step out of the comfort zone of their stable jobs and do something awesome with their life…They think about how their decisions affect their children, and their biggest goal is “security” which has become unfulfilling. They need to learn to trust their gut…etc. They’re restless and wish someone could hold them accountable to achieve their lifelong goals. Get detailed with the pains.

4. What frustrates your most ideal client the most?
(Describe it in rich detail. Financial. Emotional. Pain.)

5. What are THE four to five steps for them to achieve success and get results? (Ex: 1. Set clear goals. 2. Orient their energy and time to achieve these goals. 3. Set up systems and tools to achieve the goals. 4. Hold themselves accountable. (Note* These core steps will help you build your offer in the future.)

6. What keeps your perfect client awake at night (worrying, fearful, anxious?)
Living a meaningless life, they graduated top of their class but now they feel that they’re just a cog in a wheel.. etc.

7. What humiliates your perfect client (an event or occurrence they are trying to avoid?)
Seeing friends and family achieve their life goals and they’re stuck doing the same thing year after year.

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8. What is the cost of staying where they are right now? How bad can things become if they don’t fix it?

9. What is their most urgent, pressing crisis they have to have solved right away (the real pain they’re facing, the thing they need to be fixed immediately?)

10. What are the top 3 things that frustrate your perfect clients on a daily basis (is it doing things they don’t want to do? People? Circumstance? Chores?)

11. What does your perfect client want more than anything else?

12. Explain what you would do if you were in their situation – high-level steps (Share ‘what’ you would do, not ‘how’ to do it.)

13. What is the BIGGEST MISTAKE your perfect client is making right now (related to the problem you solve?)

14. What does your perfect client complain about when they’re with their friends or family (i.e. “not enough money,” “not enough time,” “don’t know how to do something,” etc.)

15. Name (and link to) your 4 most important competitors.


Having clarity on how to identify and attract your dream clients is going to give you the fuel you need for your messaging to speak directly to your avatar, start conversations with prospects using the 2-step post strategy, and ultimately close clients.

Once completed, you will be well on your way to putting together your offer packaging. 

When you have complete clarity on your avatar AND your offer, you will be ready to monetize and have your business take off.

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Now get out there and start making money!

To your success,


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Learn how to land clients and get a clearer picture into how we help build out avatar worksheets, (without ever spending a cent on paid ads) by using our premium training: News Feed Authority.

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