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How to Launch Before You Have a Product

This article is sort of continuing off the last post (you can look through that here).

LOTS and lots of people tend to think launching an offer requires more work than it actually does.

BUT – what if I told you that you can create, package up, and launch a successful product/program – sell it, make money from it, and perfect it as you go?


Doing it this way actually helps you make a better product.

Sounds like a win.

Better product. Launch faster. Make money while you go… so why aren’t more people doing it this way?

To be truthful, I think most people don’t know how.

But this method also requires some gumption, which I'll explain later in this email.

By the way, this is the same formula we used to launch one of our recent products this year, and have done just shy of $700k with it since January…

We practice what we preach. Here goes.

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Step 1: Know your market

Look, selling is serving. In fact, we don’t really “sell” anything…

That’s not how I look at things.

We solve specific problems for people.

In the beginning, the way we got here was simple: ask a lot of questions, listen, figure out what people want but don’t know how to get…

(Or what they don’t want but don’t know how to change)

…And then start looking at how you can help them solve the problem.

When we started out, we did it for cheap (or free).

But it all starts with knowing what people don’t like and how you can help them solve that problem.

By the way, if you'd like a complete training on how to put together your product, attract an audience and effortlessly enroll new clients in as little as 30 days – you can download the checklist + video training by clicking here.”

2. Borrow with interest

I’m not talking money I’m talking confidence.

This point is why this method requires gumption. Because you’ll be selling something you don’t 100% have “put together” yet.

There’s a bit more to this part, which we get into a little deeper with our clients, but here’s the thing:

You have to develop an absolute confidence that you can help people or you’ll ruin your own sales process before you get it going.

*Caveat: please don’t use this content and get all psyched up if you’re one of those “get rich by teaching other people how to get rich” phonies…

The secrets to getting your confidence revved up (and the scripts and systems we use with our clients) can equip you to sell almost anything regardless of how good you really are at what you do – so remember to always do whats best for people (not just your business).

3. Create a “gap”

…Between where people are when they first enter your “realm” and where they want to be…

Creating this gap can be as simple as an email or a webinar. But when people experience this “gap” they’ll want to fill it…

A massive difference between our stuff and most other “internet marketing” training out there is this:

The gaps we create are designed to “sell” a conversation, not a product.

Big difference, especially if you work with clients on a “high-ticket” basis (anything over $3k).

4. Fix your motives

It is not about getting rich.

It’s about helping people.

If your only goal is to pad your bank account people will smell it on you and run…

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR CLIENTS who has seen tremendous results – from Bob who did over 6 figures in 6 weeks, to Cherylanne who’s done $25k in a month (and still going), to Jason who did $140k+ in 3 weeks – they care tremendously for their prospects and clients…

This is a huge key that, sadly, I don’t think enough people are actually teaching.

5. Value your result against the pain of not fixing it

Your clients will get better results if you make them invest.

A story I heard one time about the CEO of Google, back in the day.

They had a small staff, and decided it wast time to get bigger/better offices. The building they chose to get was twice as big as what they needed, and the rent cost was over what was comfortable…

Their reasoning?

…Was to back themselves into growth by getting into an environment and playing at a level that caused them to “step up” into where they wanted to be as a company.

You can’t play it safe and get big wins.

Do the same thing with your clients – when they invest and put their names down they’ll implement and see breakthrough.

Charge what you’re worth. And communicate that effectively.

6. Create once you sell

*Another Caveat: you should be 100% positive you can solve the problem.

For instance, if you’re a freelance copywriter, you know you’re good, then you can consult or create a coaching package around this because you’ve done it.

Probably not a good idea to sell a package that you aren’t sure if you can pull it off.

But, in every case with the guys/gals we’ve helped, they knew they were talented, expert level, and could help their clients.

And once your sales start coming in, you make it as you go.


Not really.

It’s kind of what Tesla does – sell the car FIRST, then build the car for delivery.

They’re 100% confident they can make the car (obviously), so it works.

If you know what you do is valuable, and you know that you’re tired of being the bottleneck in your business – I highly encourage you to reach out and have a chat with us…

We’ll talk in more depth about how this process works and how we could maybe accelerate and fine tune your growth over the next few months.

Talk soon!

Taylor & Chris