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Most businesses struggle because no matter how much they do well, nobody’s paying attention. 

So you write more blog posts, post more on social, and do, do, do more ‘stuff.’ 

Same problem… nobody cares cause nobody is looking. And that makes it REALLY hard to come up with revenue… revenue is always tied (at least in some part) to attention

If you’ve struggled with this, then this is going to solve a dilemma for you, so perk up and let’s go.. 

You might not believe it now, but I used to be a real ladies man. 

In high school I was a complete and total nerd and people didn’t really like me that much… but once I hit college I had figured some things out. 

I could demand the attention of almost anybody I wanted to and I enjoyed the attention very much ;) 

You see, there are “rules” to attention, interest, likability, and so on… I enjoyed my secret success until one day, somebody learned my rules and started using them against ME. 

It made me go crazy for a time… 

I didn’t know what to do… 

This woman, she’d start a conversation with me, then ignore me for 3 days. I couldn’t tell if she liked me or thought I was dumb. 

And she NEVER gave me any signs. 

I decided I needed to marry her. We did, in fact, go on to get married lol… and she’s the best thing that’s ever happened in my life… 

But man… for a long time she had me all messed up, and if we’re being honest, she turned my world upside down on PURPOSE! 

Now, I’m not saying you should treat your prospects this way, nor should you try and marry people if they ignore you… 

Here’s what I’m saying: 

In business, especially CLIENT business, you must learn to deploy ‘tactics’ to generate attention… and one of the best tactics for doing this is ‘manipulating’ the supply & demand IN YOUR FAVOR. 

One of the best ways to do that? 

Realize that you are not a commodity. 

Place value on your time & your expertise… 

And set up systems that force the supply & demand ratios in your favor. 

We call this “stacking the deck.” 

If you go into a casino and stack the deck, you will be fined… or worse. 

In business, stacking the deck is called STRATEGY.

We are very, very good at stacking the deck for our clients. And it might be time for you to see what we can do inside your business.

If it’s time to stop losing and playing against the odds, if you’re tired of trying to compete in a game that’s rigged against you

Let’s tilt the odds…

Book a time here, and we’ll see what you’ve got to work with and how we can help you. 

-T Money

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