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Are you an expert, coach, consultant, or service provider, and you want a calendar packed full of qualified prospects excited to work with you? Here’s how to use your Facebook News Feed to get clients (without ads.)

By the time you’re done reading this 3-step article, you should be getting ready to publish your first organic post. And the best part? You can get started with this organic strategy in as little as 30 minutes per day.

1. Understand the Fundamentals of Non-Paid Client Acquisition

Organic is the ability to earn the attention of your market or prospects without using ads, automation, or a webinar. It’s like paid traffic without paying for it. (I recommend using Facebook.)

The primary goal of your organic posts is to get phone calls booked (strategy sessions) with prospects, and eventually land them as clients. The quickest way to know what your market wants is to talk to them (on the phone.)

The other goal for How To Use Your Facebook News Feed to Get Clients is market research and validation. The best form of offer validation is to get a credit card.

You want to find out that people will PAY you before spending 50+ hours creating a course, building a website, or creating a webinar. 

When you know what your market wants, it makes it easier for you to create the course/webinar/material that you will eventually sell. This is the first step and the way to do it.


Before getting started, here are some pitfalls you need to be aware of:

  • Thinking that you’ll have it all figured out overnight
  • Not understanding your lead vs lag indicators (posts vs PM’s, strategy sessions, etc.) 
  • Not being consistent
  • Skipping organic and going straight to a webinar or ads
  • Thinking it’s easy peasy for everybody but you (The fact is, it’s hard.)
  • Caring what other people think (family, friends, etc.) 
  • Overthinking and over-analyzing (DON'T.)
  • NOT having your personal profile primed
    • The goal of priming your profile is to get people to look to you as a leader. When someone clicks your profile after reading one of your group posts or comments, but you only have posted about hello kitty pictures, your profile is not primed. 

If you’re feeling resistance to posting, that’s an indicator that you probably should post. The pockets of greatest resistance are the pockets of greatest opportunity. 

When you learn the art of driving prospects to calls you’ll never have to worry about money again. 

2. Defining Your Dream Client (high-value avatar builder)

To use your Facebook News Feed to get clients, you have to know how to identify who you want to work with (your “avatar”) and how you can actually find them. Start by writing down a detailed list of information about your avatar.

Your avatar is your foundation. All of your organic copy and messaging should be in alignment with what you’ve written on this list. Your job is to mirror to them who they are now (their feelings and deep emotions) and who/where they can be with your help.

If you’ve never done this before, it should take you 3-5 hours to complete it correctly. Here are the questions you need to know about your avatar. Write these down in a list sheet:

  1. What is the biggest result you can help a business or person achieve?
  2. What’s the biggest problem your most ideal client has?
  3. What are THE four to five steps for them to achieve success and get results?
  4. What is the cost of staying where they are right now? How bad can things become if they don’t fix it?
  5. What is their most urgent, pressing crisis they have to have solved right away (the real pain they’re facing, the thing they need to be fixed immediately?)
  6. What does your perfect client want more than anything else?
  7. Name (and link to) your 4 most important competitors.

This isn't the full list. There are 15 total questions you need to answer to have perfect clarity on your high-value avatar builder. I go deeper into the rest of the questions in my article about identifying your customer avatar.

Do your avatar homework. Then you’ll be ready to dive into your first organic posts and joining your first groups where your avatar is hanging out.

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3. The Implementation Roadmap

How to use your Facebook News Feed to get clients is useless until you take action in creating opportunity. Your focus and your priority every day should be getting strategy sessions lined up.

This roadmap can be broken down into 2 components: Search and Deploy.

  • Search: This is all about finding where your audience is (Facebook, Groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, Forums, etc.)
    • Pro tip: groups where people PAY to gain entry usually yield better quality prospects
  • Deploy: Drop your nets
    • Find comments where you can engage people, add value & demonstrate authority
    • Create posts based on your market’s biggest problems
    • Give value that leads to a call-to-action (think engagement first)

Before getting started, assess your resources:

  • Do you have a social media following?
  • Make a list of the places your avatar is hanging out online and start a “hit list” so that you can post consistently in these places.
  • Do you belong to any groups that contain your avatar? If not, then join them now.
  • Remember, everybody starts at zero. What’s important is getting started and being resourceful. The difference is they’ve put in the work already.

3 Prerequisites

  • Confidence (no matter if you have it all figured out or not – this is really important – this is why our mindset training is so important.)
  • Expertise (not experience, expertise
  • Fractional content (4 main types)
    • Direct Outreach (email, FB messenger)
    • Leveraged Outreach (leadership posts in a Facebook group, AMA live videos, 2-step posts, etc.)
    • Personal / Social (Tier 2) – People want to know they’re doing business with a person, not a business.
    • Referrals & JV (Borrowing other people’s contacts and splitting the profits – getting momentum)

Fractional content is simply a mix of different post topics & angles designed to educate, install belief, inspire, and even elicit fear in your prospects.

Examples are leadership posts, teaching posts, likability & rapport building posts, etc.

When people see those posts in groups, they will click your profile to learn more about you. When they see more posts on your profile, they will be likely to engage with you.

From there, you can make friend requests and start messenger conversations that lead to phone calls.

If you need help getting inspired, we also have an organic swipe file with tons of organic post examples inside the News Feed Authority product.

Framework for Building Organic Content

My 4-step framework for building organic content makes pumping out organic content easy.

Step 1: List Mistakes & Results

Start by making 2 lists: Mistakes and Results. You will use this list as raw material to construct your organic posts.

  • Mistakes: Make a list of 1-9 mistakes your market is making. (Ex. charging too low, not focusing on business but instead working “IN” business, working too many hours)
    • Also list the pains of the mistakes, the pleasures of fixing them, and what they need to do to fix it (don’t give away how)
  • Results: Make a list of 1-9 results they want. (Ex: freedom. Lose 40 lbs. Make 1 million dollars per year, etc.) 
    • Also list the pains of the results, the pleasures of fixing them, and what they need to do to achieve it (don’t give away how)

Step 2: Choose Your Content Modality

Text? Picture? Video? Curation?

What’s important is that you choose the one you will stay the most consistent with.

Step 3: Choose A Platform

In this case, FACEBOOK.

Step 4: Take Action

Publish the content.

I call this process the organic roadmap.

Below your list, jot down some post headlines. Here are a couple of examples.

  • // SECRET TO RAISING YOUR PRICES (hint: low prices attract BAD clients) //

The goal of a headline is to pique readers' interest so they keep reading.

Take small steps, daily. Your posts will become assets that will produce for you over the long term.

Messenger Conversations:

When you want to use your Facebook News Feed to get clients, there comes a point when you need to message people with Facebook Messenger. Frame these conversations as “checking in.” Don’t be sales-y or annoying, like asking “are you there?” 17 times.

Ask how you can help them move their business forward. ALWAYS give value first. Be relational.

Reach out to people who have engaged with your posts. After they’re a friend, send a message over Facebook Messenger. Don’t be afraid to follow up.

Your goal of Messenger is to get them on the phone. You can say something as easy as: “The best way to learn more is for us to hop on a call to discuss.”

Get Out There

This road map is for you to establish yourself as an authority so you can generate strategy sessions. The people who don’t use these strategies are leaving money on the table. 

Over time of posting, you will build a flywheel of momentum, so people start reaching out to you. That is how to use your Facebook News Feed to get clients.

Become the leader that people want to follow and engage with over time. Make it a daily habit over time to build. Have that mindset check every day, that everybody has started at zero. The major thing our successful clients all have in common is taking action and failing forward with this. Like a muscle, working this skill daily will make you strong.

Now get out there, start posting and land your clients!

If you want a bit more coaching on how to do each of these steps in more detail, I put together a course product called News Feed Authority to help you get clients using the Facebook News Feed. It comes with video trainings, swipe file organic posts, and templates to help you get started.

In your service,
– T

Become the Go-To Authority & Land Clients…

Learn how to land clients like a pro using your own 2-steps (without ever spending a cent on paid ads) by using our premium training; News Feed Authority.

Click Here to Grab News Feed Authority Today!