Integrity VS Revenue

How do you balance the two “sides” of business?

On one hand you have the long game.

Things like valuing the customer/client, choosing to be authentic regardless of what it does to your sales, turning away people (even people with money) if they don't fit the profile of who you can realistically help…

On the other hand, you have goals, targets, revenue milestones… being able to grow your business predictably by mastering the sales & marketing process (regardless of economic downturns, market shifts, etc).

Most People View The "Integrity VS Revenue" Balance Like This.

Most People View The “Integrity VS Revenue” Balance Like This. We Disagree.

Here's how we've chosen to balance the two (if you want to call it “balance”) and it's working out pretty well (audio linked below).

Do you agree? After you listen, let us know what you think in the comments below.