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There are some things you can only learn the hard way.

There are also some things you can learn simply by pulling up a chair and listening to the tales told by great men and women…





In fact, in the past 5 years we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, buying these lessons, experiences, and insights from wise forerunners.

Lessons we would have had to learn and experience ourselves, the hard way.

But more and more we find people wanting to completely, 100% mitigate their risk by buying up training. The problem isn't in “buying” training (we obviously are huge fans of this form of learning), rather it is the motive behind it.

The absolute fear & terror at the thought of failing and the idea that buying a program will do away with the risks of failure.

In the end, that’s not even possible. You cannot avoid failure.

You cannot avoid failure.

You can only ‘stack the deck’ in your favor.

Create an environment that is more likely to propel you to success than not.

And the best way to ‘stack the deck’ is simply to get busy…

Go do something that has a good chance of taking you closer to your goals… (at least closer to your goals than doing nothing would)

Find a way to invest your time and invest it wisely.

Stop being cheap and then whining about it.

(Like going to McDonalds and complaining about the food… it’s stupid)

Every lesson I’ve learned in business really boils down to just one principle:

Failure is necessary.

And with anything that is necessary your goal should be to experience it – and get through it – as quickly as possible without giving up.

70% of people who face a setback turn around and go back… they give up.

20% of people get through it, but when they face a 2nd, 3rd, and 63rd setback… they also give up.

Only a few choose to see failure as an investment into their education.

An investment into their future.

Choosing to learn from it and keep going rather than crying about it and turning back too soon…

Those people are the ones who experience an incredible life (oh yea, and they make all the money, too).

If you are looking at your life & business and thinking you need some personal help, a product/course that will get you closer to your goals, a marketing breakthrough, or perhaps just a different perspective, we can help.

Back in 2019, we hit a massive milestone here at T&F when we crossed the 7 Figures per month threshold. After that, we’ve gone on to do it every month consecutively, getting faster and leaner each day. 

If you’re ready to get there and want to invest in yourself and your business (not just buy a magic bullet, but do the work) we have a training that is perfect for you. It’s called “Million Dollar Month” and we actually detail the EXACT steps that got to a million a month in revenue

You can’t buy your out of failure, but you can stack the deck in your favor by learning from the mistakes of others. If MDM is not for you, check out our product directory with a full list of products that we offer to help you grow your potential and your business.

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