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When's the last time you trusted someone else with your business?

When's the last time you trusted someone with your business?

Not just a task or even a single goal, I mean your whole business.  

As entrepreneurs, it can be hard to let go of control. Because, at the end of the day, our success or failure rests on our shoulders. There’s no one else you can blame. 

But growing a team is necessary to achieve success. And that’s hard to do when you feel like you have to oversee everything and everyone. 

Look, we aren’t here to judge. When Chris and I first started, our leadership style was . . .  pretty intense. 

But we’ve evolved since then. We had to! 

It was only by learning to lead with integrity that we were able to build a rock-solid team with a positive culture. As a result of our new leadership style, our business growth has sky-rocketed. 

That’s what I’m going to dive into today: leveling up your leadership game.

If you do the work and invest in personal growth, my tools will help you develop a fulfilled and thriving team. 

Let’s put the car in drive, and start moving your business towards greatness.

Go One Step Deeper…

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Our way or the highway...

Like I said, our leadership style used to be a little harsh. Ok, more than a little. We basically led our team with an iron fist. Obviously, that’s not good.

I’ll admit, I’ve never been the most patient person in the world. I move fast and expect people to just fall in line at my speed. 

And that can make people around me break. Because a person can only be pushed so far. As you can probably guess, this doesn’t lead to long-term employee retention.

Because of all the stress I was under, I failed to realize that my team members needed room to grow. 

The crazy thing about stress is that it can make you blind to the solution. (Even when it’s staring at you right in the eye.)

When I was finally able to take a step back and let my ego go, I was able to see the answer: I needed to nurture the power of a first-class team. And support my team members so they can thrive. 

To do that . . . I needed to make a major change.

The levels of leadership

When you step outside yourself and let your ego go, you can start to see the faults that are holding you and your team back. A good leader has empathy. They understand where people are coming from and where they want to go.

For me, this meant learning to lift other people up. It’s my job as a leader to understand the talents my people have. Once I started to focus on their talents instead of their faults, I was able to relinquish some of the control I had such a tight grip on. 

It’s about more than just trusting a team member to complete a task. It’s about trusting they can accomplish the task within the timeframe, the way they want to accomplish it. Their way might not be my way. 

Getting people to think at a higher level means you need to let people make their own decisions. Developing the ability to let go requires vulnerability and trust. Leaders need to have a clear vision so the team can see their tasks as part of the whole picture. 

And people will make mistakes. That’s one part of growth. As leaders, we need to allow people to grow into who they’re meant to be. This is by far the most important thing I’ve learned about leadership so far.  

I’ve also learned that accountability comes from the top down. I need to be patient and kind. I need to ask my team about their personal goals. I need to understand their aspirations – and help them get there. 

Since accountability comes from the top-down, a team member’s failure is my own. It’s no longer about firing the weakest link. It’s about finding a solution to the problem. 

After coming this far, I feel it’s important to help other business owners and entrepreneurs learn from my mistakes. So, I created our Levels of Leadership training.   

Inside this training, I reveal how to:

  • Build a culture that keeps teams motivated 
  • Manage conflict the right way (because there certainly is a wrong way to do it!)
  • Delegate and get more things done
  • Steer the conversation towards healthy confrontation 
  • And much more . . . with some laughs along the way, of course

Look, I’m going to be honest with you. Leveling up your leadership game isn’t for the faint of heart. But it’s worth the effort.

Go One Step Deeper…

Today, I'll be covering a handful of lessons that I cover in much more detail in “Levels of Leadership” – an exclusive video training. Get it now for only $20!

Click Here to Grab Levels of Leadership Today!

If it was easy everyone would do it...

Starting is the hardest part. That’s because we need to realize the problem always starts with us. We need to learn to let go of the control. 

Typically entrepreneurs don’t trust many people. We like to control every little thing. We just can’t seem to let go. 

It’s not our fault. All the pressure rides on our shoulders and people are counting on us to lead them towards success. Plus, I’m sure there have been people who have let you down. Let your business down. 

That’s hard to come back from. 

But that’s why we get stressed out to the max. When there’s no trust between you and your team, there’s no one who can help relieve the pressure. 

When we were in it, we ended up in a lot of bad situations. Bad for both our team members and our clients. That’s when we knew we had to figure it out. No matter how hard it is to start. The new way has to be better than what we were doing.  

And you know what? Once I realized it started with me – and started to do the work to grow as a leader – that’s when my team and business transformed.

It's time to move up a level...

If you think you have what it takes to take responsibility for the part you play in your team’s shortcomings, it’s time to change your leadership game and turn your business into a profit machine. 

Our training, Levels of Leadership gives you the tools you need to embrace the top-down style of leadership. I give you real examples to help you avoid the mistakes I made. And show you how to communicate your expectations in a way your team will respond to. 

You’ll discover how to create a positive work culture and grow a high-performing team. And we’re going to have a lot of fun doing it. 

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In your service,
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