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Maximizing your morning formula allows you to create and master your highest self.

The morning formula training is the foundation of all our client results. Without it, I seriously doubt Traffic and Funnels would have achieved even a fraction of our success.

If you’re skipping ahead here and haven’t implemented your own morning formula yet, go back and check out our article called double your output with the morning formula to create your own.

Here’s how to have a deeper understanding and clarity regarding the structure of your morning formula, the imagery that needs to be there, etc.

You will walk away from this article with absolute certainty that you’ve created the most optimal morning formula for you and you alone, so you will be able to enter each day with amazing power and state.

What We’re Going To Cover Today:

  • How to build a morning formula that not only lights you up inside, but allows you to call upon the higher version of yourself time and time again.
  • Why the morning formula is so crucial to building the most absolute version of yourself (And as a direct byproduct, your business.)
  • Dissecting each individual section of the morning formula with deeper context and examples, which allows you to walk away with something tangible to implement immediately.

Note: Implement this immediately. The future version of yourself is relying on you to take action after this article.

What Isn’t The Morning Formula?

Before we go deeper into what IS the morning formula, let’s discuss what isn’t.

  • The MF is not something you do occasionally or “whenever you feel like it.”
  • The MF is not something you copied from our template or someone else's.
  • The MF is not something you half-ass or rush to complete just to say you have one.

Note: Take your time on this. It’s like a house, which requires a solid foundation. This should take you a week or so to complete.

  • The MF is not a “magic pill” to eliminate all problems, hardships or obstacles that will come your way during your journey of growth.
  • The MF is not intended to simply, “make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.”

What Is The Morning Formula?

  • The MF is something you do every single day.
  • The MF is something that should be honored and protected at all costs.
  • The MF is something that should be true to you and you alone.
  • The MF is something that will take several days to build out.
  • The MF is your blueprint to your higher-self… your actions must then match it.

What is your vision driven by? If you don’t have a solid vision map, you won’t be able to withstand the challenges of life.

Why is Maximizing Your Morning Formula so important?

  • The MF’s main purpose is to prime you every single day for optimal performance, empowering ways of thinking, supporting habits, etc.
  • The MF constantly “resets” you every single morning to tie you down or anchor you to your highest self, vision, goals and your mission.
  • Without the MF, you are leaving your entire future up to change by operating solely on your feelings, emotions and current programing (beliefs, standards, identity)… which is what most of the population does.

When Should I Do The Morning Formula?

Everyone’s morning routine or structure will vary. At the end of the day, it’s going to serve you the best to do it earlier in the morning before the world comes out to play.

It’s not “The Afternoon Formula”… It’s The Morning Formula.

It’s important to remember that you will absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, have days where life is chaotic the second you wake up. 

And there will be a little tiny voice inside that says “Let’s skip it for today…” or “We don’t have time to do it today…”


Listen to the “other” voice: The 2.0 version of yourself.

Aspects of the Morning Formula:

Maximizing Your morning formula includes optimizing each area:

  1. Vision Map
  2. Identity
  3. Rules
  4. Principles
  5. Theater of the Mind
  6. Affirmations

Vision Map:

This can include the tangibles: The watch, the house, the car, the purse. But, a lot of this should also include how you carry yourself, your beliefs and how you show up every single day.

When it comes to the vision map, here is an example I use:

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Most people are empowered with visuals.

Visualize yourself living in the pictures in this section. Hear the frank sinatra music playing in the background of your dream kitchen. Feel the warmth of the sunlight coming through the windows. 

Build this customized to you.


These are unbreakable contracts to yourself.

Note: I didn’t create all of mine in 15 minutes. 

Understand yourself and what rules empower you or disempower you. We’re not just here to grow our business. We’re here to grow our standards and our mind.


These are essentially quotes that speak to you and your beliefs / what you stand for. Find some quotes that empower you.

Theater of the Mind:

This is where you go into deep visualizations.

There are a few options to choose from:

  1. What your entire perfect day looks like (wake up time, routines, tasks being done, how you feel, etc.)
  2. Focusing on one or two aspects of your perfect day (maybe the car you drive, what you wear, your home, your experiences…)
  3. Focusing on tasks or actions (not necessarily built on your perfect day) that empower you. Like coaching a client, leading a team meeting, leasing a strategy session phone call, etc..

The biggest factor for either choice: Insanely detailed and visualized.


Choose a handful of your affirmations to read. Reach each one over several times before moving on to the next one.

Reaffirm your affirmations. Affirmations do not serve you if you do not believe in them.

Affirmations can be about virtually anything… Business, your mindset, how you make decisions, how you lead and empower others…

Make sure they are written from a positive perspective rather than negative.

ie.: “I operate my whole life around abundance. When I do this, I am a magnet for opportunity, for money and for success” vs “I don’t operate from a place of scarcity…”

Amplifying Your Morning Formula:

  • Physiology: Stand tall. Head up, chest out.
  • Breathwork: Breathe in & out through your nose, 2:1 tempo. Breath in longer than you breathe out. Expand your diaphragm and chest.
  • Audio: Have background music (music scores or instrumentals like piano.) (I like the Dark Knight movie soundtrack, lol)
  • BONUS: Vocalize your entire MF, monitoring your tonality… You can also record yourself reading your MF and listen to it.

Final Tips to Maximizing Your Morning Formula

If you catch yourself feeling neutral with your morning formula, the next step does not always have to be completely rebuilding it from scratch.

Highlight certain words or phrases, add new visuals, try new forms of visualizations.

When writing your MF, be sure that you are in a positive and empowering state. A negative state when writing it will equate to a less than impactful MF.

If you are traveling and cannot bring your computer, download the Google Doc app or take the photos of your entire MF, so you have zero excuses to skip it.

I hope this article has served you well. Again, if you have not yet gone into the original morning formula training and breakdown of the ethos behind it, go back and check out our article on how to double your output with the Morning Formula. That is 99% of the framework.

If you want to go deeper check out our exact morning formula template and productivity training here.


To massive growth and radical change,

-Matt Green
Client Success Director

Create your Morning Formula with the Productivity Pack

Grab our morning formula template and double your output while slicing your work day in half with our premium training system: The Productivity Pack

Click Here to Grab the Productivity Pack Today!