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The Mindset of High Performers PT:1

By April 12, 2018 Uncategorized

A high performer needs to think differently. They must be self aware and tough as nails (mentally). In this episode Chris Evans and Taylor Welch are hosting a live-stream in Chris' BALLING new kitchen where they discuss mental toughness, meta cognition and the need to keep the mindset of a champion.

Show Highlights:

2:34 – Real entrepreneurs face struggles (Don't trust someone that tries to convince you that they never do).
3:26 – How to build mental stamina.
3:50 – The importance of being AWARE of how you think (Thinking about how you think)
5:27 – Practical tip for being aware of where you are at.
6:25 – Average people are focused on surviving/ Champions are focused on thriving.
8:48 – The two ways to rate your business.

The podcast episode ;)

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