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In the midst of one of the more turbulent economic years on record making big financial moves might seem to be a strange tactic to make. At Traffic and Funnels, we are not allowing the bear market and overall decline in marketing ad-spend to get us down. These are the moments we prepare for as a company. This very situation is why we build a hedge into all of our projections to shore up against the inevitable “rainy days.” T&F has continued to make moves, grow, and expand at an extremely high rate, despite 2020. We are bursting at the seams in our Nashville offices. We are scaling faster than we can even set up desks and workstations. Why is this? Because we understand that this is a time of opportunity. NOW is the time to make moves, the time to acquire assets. Now is the time to invest in your assets.

Below are some quotes taken from a streamed training by Chris Evans, Traffic and Funnels’ CEO and Co-Founder.

What assets are you looking for?

“I'm looking at what assets I can purchase to install that will help grow my business. Thus, my wealth, my riches, my assets. I think so many of you are doing it the hard way. You're doing it yourself. And you haven't looked at what are the assets that I need to purchase. What is the gold out there that might be undervalued currently that I can purchase in my business to help grow my business? Now is the time.

Asset Management

Who do I need to acquire? What talent do I need to go get? With what skillset experience? What do I need to go get that I can place into the business to get to [my desired] outcome as quickly as possible? I think so many of you are missing an opportunity. You're missing on income. You're missing on revenue because you are capped.”

Being able to zoom out and critically evaluate which areas of your business are in need of assistance is absolutely vital. Without taking this time, you may accidentally make decisions based on emotion which is never a good idea.

How do you balance the risk?

“How do you mitigate risks? Well, you put constraints in place in your business. You put boundaries and guardrails in place for your business. You take a non-emotional approach in regards to acquiring assets for your business. Whether it be attention online, IE purchasing ads, or maybe acquiring a marketer, or acquiring a salesperson, or acquiring a client success person, or acquiring an operations person, whatever it might be. You look at it from a strategic standpoint, knowing that it is part of the process.

If you want to grow a proper business with a proper foundation, that's a requirement. Looking at the landscape of the economy, what's going on right now, there's a lot of people that are out of work, right? There are not as many jobs available. So now is the time to buy those undervalued assets.”

Closing thoughts

“Stop sleeping on the opportunity that you face right now because you're scared. Now is not the time to be scared. It is time to take it with an approach of logic and sound thinking. You know, thinking about it strategically and knowing what your constraints are and what your risks are ahead of time and how to properly mitigate that when you are actually acquiring those assets.

It's the time to understand that this is a time of opportunity, and that comes with purchasing advertising, purchasing attention for your market, purchasing people's skills. People to install into your business. So that you can create more cap space for your business. So that you can increase the velocity at which you make revenue and thus profit in your business. By doing so you can increase the velocity and the speed in which you take that revenue and put it into actual real investments. Now is the time.”

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In your service,

– Chris

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